How to Make Neckline Designs

An easy way to make a difference in daily life and celebration is the carving on your uppers.

Don’t worry. It’s not about that, you should go to the party with a shirt that is buttoned up to the belly button.

But it is about the fact that you can give your look a little more festive touch, if your cut is just a bit deeper than usually. It also allows for a beautiful necklace really comes into its own.

Round neck:
Even if you choose a deep round neck, is this still the carving that shows at least by your body. It is therefore perfect for you, there’d be fine without showing too much cleavage.

They prejudge nor anticipate any principle really good friend because thick v-a creates an imaginary vertical gradients on your body that makes you look taller. Remember – the deeper the v, the more cleavage shows you forward. If you are considering taking a long thin necklace on, remember to test whether the pendant comes to rest in the upper part of the cleavage in an unfortunate way according to Societypically.

Is a beautiful and classic alternative to v-neck. It is good if you have a small bust, since the waterfall gives you more fullness at the upper part of the body. Do you have a large bosom, you should be aware that the waterfall gets your bossom to sight major.

Print round neck
Black/white, size 54, up to 150 USD + shipping, Bon’a Parte

The raw
Black (also available with gold glitter), up to size 54/56 349.95 + shipping, Zizzi,

The feminine
Blue, up style size 50, ca. 920 USD + shipping, Booth

V-cut the dramatic
Black with sequins, up to size 52, ca. 420 USD + Shipping Marks & Spencer

The romantic
Peplum, up to size 56, ca. 310 KR.,

Read more about ASOS peplum here (opens in new window)

The casual
Blue with sequins, up to size 56, ca. 465 USD + shipping, Evans

Waterfall the chic
Black/white, up to size 52/54, ca. 575 USD + shipping, Michael Kors at Lord & Taylor

With built-in shapewear
Blue, up to size 3 x, ca. 981 + shipping, Lane Bryant

The classic
Black/white, up to size 52/54, 199.95 DKK Juna rose


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