How to Make Raw Fish Island Style

The raw look is a trend that has now become more than just a trend. The slightly more raw details has gradually crept into mainstream cloakroom, so much that it has become a modern classic.

You can profitably build the raw look of one of three basic elements: Jacket, skirt and pants. The advantage of these basis elements is that they can be styled in many different ways, so the individual parts can also be used in other contexts than the raw. For example, the jacket give a little edge to a floral dress.

You can put a white shirt to skirt or pants for a more classic look. And the pants can easily get a more casual look with a delicious sweatshirt from Foodezine.
Here you can see how Kristine styler its leather skirt on the classic way (opens in new window)

The raw look is as gloomy as a starting point. But the good thing about black is that it can be mixes with all colors. In this way, these raw elements also easily put together with what you already have in the wardrobe.

To form the base for the raw look, an element in your look be in either leather or leatherette. Genuine leather is the expensive solution, but then you also get a piece of clothing in natural material that can hold since time immemorial. Leatherette is the more budget-friendly solution that can have the disadvantage that you easily get it hot in vehicle.


Leather look Jacket without collar, up to size 60, ca. 550 USD + shipping, Evans

Jacket with studs in genuine leather, up to size 54, 1999.95 DKK + evt. freight, Juna rose

Classic biker jacket cut in leather look, up to size 60, ca. 650 USD + shipping, Simply Be


Skirt in real leather on the front and on the back of the fabric, up to size 50, ca. 975 USD + shipping, Talbots

Skirt leather look, up to size 54, 699 DKK + evt. freight, carmakoma

Skirt in real leather on sale, up to size 56, ca. 260 USD, ASOS

Leggings PANTS in leather look, up to size 54, 999 kr + evt. freight, carmakoma

Pants in real leather on sale, up to size 58, ca. 860 USD + shipping, Jessica London

Pants in leather look, up to size 54, ca. 300 USD + shipping, Be



Checkered shirt, up to size 52, 249 USD + shipping, Ellos

Leosweatshirt, up to size 56/58, 199 DKK + shipping, H & M

T-shirt with print, up to size 54, 259.95, Juna rose

Bag ACCESSORIES in genuine leather , 950 USD + shipping, And other Stories

Short necklace, 59.95 + shipping, H & M

Ankle boot in faux leather, size 35 to 41, 549 kr, Bianco


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