How to Make Unique Wall Decorations

A white wall of our home can become a modern and irresistible canvas on which to unleash our creativity. In the increasingly modern homes we resort to multifarious wall decorations.

They reveal themselves in the enterprise essential tools “do it yourself” aimed to give new verve, light and originality to any room of our house, with small gestures and with a reduced financial commitment.

Instead of resorting to costly and lengthy operations of painting, instead of covering battered walls with complicated and traditional wallpaper, you can opt for colorful compositions of wall stickers, to customize and make special every corner of our house using wall clocks.

How to Make Unique Wall Decorations 1

Flowers, trees, butterflies, hearts, written in praise of love, written to reflect our passion for cooking and good food, all you can on the walls of the house.

The only rule to follow is to be original, to express themselves and their ideas in order to make unique home in every corner.

There are custom-made decorations for each room, to underline and emphasize its romantic component, rustic, friendly, vibrant… depending on the circumstances and depending on personal tastes of family members.

In an environment such as the living room, for example, the wall behind the couch, usually occupied by important paintings, could itself become the canvas on which to express our creativity.

How to Make Unique Wall Decorations 2

Lovers of more traditional style, may opt for a composition of the mirrored surface adhesives in order to give more light and elegance to the room.

For fans of the modern style, a composition of stylized branches, on which stage a flight of butterflies, all strictly in black and white.

This could be the ideal solution to “frame” creatively their couch and its relaxation area.

In an environment such as the bedroom, decorations that more use is made ​​are strictly romantic and sentimental character.

How to Make Unique Wall Decorations 3

The bedroom can be described, in fact, as the most intimate place of a house.

Nothing better than wall decorations, which are sweet and tender subjects such as flowers, hearts and written in praise of love (perhaps taken from famous poems), placed on the wall above the bed, will help us make it even more unique and special l ‘ atmosphere in our love nest.

In an environment like the bedroom the wall decorations are the main tool to give a touch of novelty and originality suitable for children.

Animals, plants and flowers, comic book heroes, cartoon characters…, you can choose from a multitude of subjects, all modern and all colorful, all essential to customize the room according to the needs, tastes, dreams of children.

Also in the kitchen to make their wall decorations entrance.

Bottles, decorated dinner plates, kitchen utensils, written dedicated to the table and spend time with…, lots of decorations that a little ‘are overwritten by the much more ornamental art, which stood on the kitchen walls.

Modern Nell’arredo the tiles disappear, or rather are preserved only on the fires and the cooktop for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness.

All other walls remain free, simply painted and ready and be personalized with modern decor.

Even in this environment, depending on the tastes and needs of the owner, you can choose decorations that somehow make it possible to look to the kitchen as a rustic atmosphere, where just prepares good food, or decorations that highlight how the kitchen is the maximum sharing and conviviality environment for the whole family.