How to Match a White Lace Dress


How to Match a White Lace Dress

A dress is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in its informal and formal occasions. Yet, unlike the classic dress of pink gingham or taffeta cobalt, a white dress with lace connotes tradition and formality. Adding other clothing and accessories will be able to transform a traditional look into something more lighthearted and casual. Perform this transformation is not difficult, but requires a combination of techniques, for a stunning effect. In this regard, see I reported below some short steps that will help you figure out how to match a dress white lace.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • A lace dress
  • colorful accessories, a colorful bag or jacket in jeans

Big jewelry – Replace pearls and beads with large pieces of jewelery in colored plastic, which go to make up the conservative style of a white lace dress for summer described on summerdressesstore. A string of beads of coral or turquoise adds vibrant color to a pale set of elements. For those who prefer the metal jewelry, the better off dangling earrings, silver or gold. Complex designs and longer lengths complement the lace details by adding a modern touch and informal.

Glossy bag – Balance the formalities of a white dress with a handbag in very bright Boheme style. A white lace dress is gentle and modest, and a colorful bag will help to turn it into a fun and comfortable head, very casual. Casual shoes – There’s no need to wear the sneakers shabby shoes to reveal a white lace dress less elegant, but at least do not wear shoes with heels, in no way whatsoever. A pair of flip flops immediately soften the dress transforming it from a formal end to something young, carefree and comfortable. Choose the leather thongs or bijoux, if you have to go at an outdoor restaurant, for example. Discard the rubber flip flops or anything that might make it seem like you are just out of the pool. Wearing a lace dress requires subtle vibrations, and do not conflict.

Jacket Denim – A jacket of jeans along with a white lace dress is casual and chic combination, and that keeps you warm during cool summer nights. Wear a jacket in dark denim for a look calssico and casual, or a faded denim for a more modern and fashionable look. During the warm months, you can tie the jackets bigger hips jeans, but if there is a very thin fabric can not even tie her neck problems.


Never forget:

If you wear a white lace dress, you do not have clothes to change you transform your look from formal to casual.