How to Match Leopard Print Leggings


Surely, the types of prints that go to remember or, in some way, to visually retrieve coats of animals, usually put a bit of anxiety, because they are very complicated to match. In short, they are not suitable for people who love to dress up without much thought regarded the pairing. It is a tailored risk that, if it is not well taken, it will backfire at your expense. The leopard print is shaping up as the new neutral and has unlimited access to all the leaders of the wardrobe this season. But it is also a boss who must be worn with care, especially when worn as leggings. In this guide, we’re going to see some suggestions that can help you match leopard print leggings.

Initially, the first consideration that necessarily needs to be done while wearing the leggings with special prints, is the fact that they are not pants. Consequently, whatever happens, you go to choose a top of a length important to match with the same. For example, you might opt for a long undershirt, a long dress, a tunic, with maybe a jacket that covers the shoulders there. Whatever your option, make sure it goes to cover your ass. Animal prints are a pretty bold choice. While other types of leggings can be combined with any color, leggings with prints animals must imperatively be combined with a base color, unless you want to leave everyone speechless.

The leggings of floral type, tend to shorten the figure. Therefore, it is important to create the illusion of long legs wearing heels or wedges. Try to curb the tendency to combine similar accessories to the leopard, with this type of pants. I recommend that you necessarily keep a picture that is in the same elegant but simple time, going to balance certain aspects visually strong, others neutral. Now, after you got the main tips on how to go to balance the situation, here is some advice for you on how to wear them.

A leopard-print leggings with a colorful print, a black top and studded high-inspired boots military is a perfect look for someone willing to declare themselves in a bold way. If your style tends to be stylish, opt for something delicate like, for example, of high sandals open toe matched with a white top. The high sandals accentuate your height and Associate frames there, creating a great contrast to the successful pairing. If you would like to play it safe, not pick any too, wear a leopard-print top, which recalls a present color in leggings. Give it a little zing by adding a leader with sequins. Do not forget the wedges of the same color, to slim the figure.


Never forget:

  • Put on the high shoes, which Associate frames and create a marked effect on the length of your leg.