How to Match Tweed Jackets


In fashion there are classics that never die. Some may disappear for a while, before returning back to changing fashions. It’s appropriate of tweed jacket. This garment comes from Great Britain and Ireland. It is suitable for autumn-winter, heavy wool and warm. Being a chief of autumn, the dominant colors are brown, beige and gray shades. The point of strength of the tweed is its water resistance and its longevity. It is also a garment capable of adapting to more styles. Today we will see how to pair a tweed jacket.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Tweed jacket and tasteful combinations.

First of all do not forget the fit of the outerwear for cold weather. Shoulder measurement is most important. This must be identical to the actual width of your shoulders. We must not exceed neither down nor up. Are typical of tweed jacket also the elbow patches. Often are leather and the same material covers the front buttons. If you buy a tweed jacket like this, combined with leather shoes of the same color. You should also wear a girdle of the same type.

For a casual chic look you can wear a tweed jacket and bow tie. Over the shirt you can wear a thin cardigan in solid color, the same color as the bow tie. Also allowed a tie for a sporty and elegant at the same time. You can calmly take a tweed blazer with pants in wool, recommended on cooler days. But it is absolutely perfect with jeans. These may be blue, but would be perfect grey or black. You can combine all of the canvas sneakers. Recommended colors consistent with the jacket. Alternatively considered warm pants in velvet. In this case we suggest you some shoes from the more classic cut.

Don’t forget that until recently were considered the tweed jackets as senior leader. Today, however, many young people have rediscovered this garment. The reason lies in the fact that you can combine with a casual style with great effectiveness. The tweed is not suitable for a style too formal or professional contexts. A classic combination, typical of Ireland, includes the tweed Blazer over a turtleneck or crew-neck sweater. The gray tweed combines very well with red, purple or plum. The classic tweed jacket had a single back vent. Today it has a cooler, with side vents that increase comfort.


Never forget:

  • If you get a chance, do pack a tweed blazer to a tailor expert. The result will be perfect and customized.