How to Modify The Appearance of WhatsApp on Android

After having tested WhatsApp on all mobile operating systems I can say safely that the Android interface is not only the most Curran but also which works best. Clean, simple and that update after update has improved a lot.

It also allows us to customize each contact with a background. It is true that the degree of customization can be rather small so today We bring you different themes so those who want to go beyond will give a unique touch to WhatsApp. The process is simple and we will just have to install an application.

Yorzua, a Spanish forero of XDA, proposes three themes to tune WhatsApp. Aspectual changes that you allow a different touch to the boring snacks where messages are displayed. Also, it allows us to change other elements such as icons or color of some buttons and menus.

In total, three different themes to choose from. The procedure is simple, just We got the apk in question, We installed it and voila. All modifications are made on the latest version of WhatsApp for what will not lose functionality. All this for free.

If we want a high definition version the themes of this author is as simple as making a donation. Personally I like the theme which is by default, and I hope that WhatsApp will send a version that take advantage of Holo in Ice Cream Sandwich, but for taste colors. At least should recognize the work to the author.