How to Pack Your Bags for a Ship Trip

There is no denying that the Brazilians got the taste for cruise travel.From 2004 to 2011, interest in this type of tour increased in Brazil and attracted more companies eyeing this market.

How to Pack Your Bags for a Ship Trip

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According to studies carried out by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation(FGV), the demand for cruises has mainly increased among middle-class people, who appreciate the convenience of visiting various destinations and especially the cost-benefit ratio.

Still, there are many people who have never ventured to travel by ship. If you are part of this group, you should know how to pack for a ship trip:

What to take


Sometimes your bag may take a while to get to the cabin. For this reason, it is worth bringing bathing suit, camera, sunscreen and personal belongings in hand luggage. That way, you do not waste time and can take advantage of the facilities of the ship before the room is released.Hand luggage can be a backpack, which will be very useful during the rides throughout the trip.


As with any other trip, it is good to take the medicines you usually use and a medication for nausea, discomfort that usually affects some people during a ship trip.

+Ten Tips to Pack Your Luggage


If you are traveling through Brazil or Mercosur countries, just board with your RG. On trips abroad, do not forget to always carry your passport and, if the country you are visiting requires a visa, arrange it as well.


The cabins are usually tight and it is very important to think about this when packing. It’s no use taking big suitcases, because you will not have much space to handle them.

As most cruises are made in the summer, bikinis, swimsuits, bathing suits, slippers, hats or caps(the deep sea sun is strong!) And cooler and more comfortable clothes are mandatory items. Women: watch out for very short clothes! You will need to climb stairs, not to mention that the deck usually sells a lot.