How to Prevent Wrinkles in Clothes While Traveling

Wrinkled clothes are rarely a hit and not at all on holiday, when you are far away from your normal iron and ironing board. Fortunately, you can

In connection with your packing do little to avoid that your ferietøj is curly, when you arrive at your destination.

Your clothes wrinkle when it has not been established completely smooth out, when you put it together. Clothing curls also when there is friction between different pieces of clothing in your suitcase. And so is the size of your suitcase is also important in relation to avoid curly ferietøj.

Select the proper size suitcase
Both too much and too little suitcase might cause your clothing curls. Is the suitcase for small curls your clothes, because it will be squashed together in the trunk. Is your suitcase for great curls your clothes, because your baggage train is pouring around in the trunk, when it will be tranporteret.
Have you not a suitcase that fits perfectly, it is like hovedregl is better to choose a bag that is too big. So you can fill the free space with for example old hand basement before you close it. You can then leave them at your hotel when you will be home, if you have made new purchases, which can fill the trunk.

Before you begin unpacking your clothes
Lightning and button all zippers and buttons, so the individual pieces of clothing “hangs” together. Then there is less likelihood that moves around when you put it together.

Narrow things which, as such, should not be merged, for example, underwear and socks, in bags, forming small units. You can fill them around the rest of your clothes when you put it in the trunk and prevent your clothes from toppling around inside in the trunk.

Plastic – to what you typically have hanging in the closet, such as jackets and dresses
Save plastic bags hanging over your clothes when you download it at the dry cleaner. So you can pack your bøjletøj exactly as when you get the return from the dry cleaner. You must ensure that the vehicle is completely wrong in the bags, so there will be no folds when you close your suitcase. The plastic is doing to the various materials do not rub against each other with wrinkles to follow.

Scroll – perfect for jeans, canvas pants and t-shirts
By rolling your clothes don’t you just avoid that vehicle curls. Scroll method also gives you more room in the trunk, then gently rolls can be crammed in between the stack of other clothes, when you put it in the trunk.
Put the clothes you want the drop-down on the bed or the dining room table, allowing you to easily smooth vehicle for wrinkles, before you roll. Rolls you clothes in finer material, you can take advantage of drop-down vehicle together on tissue paper, as it provides more structure and thus better the reel prevents vehicle curls. Always use white tissue paper so you avoid that rubs off on brightly colored paper clothes.

Fold – sweaters and t-shirts with long sleeves
Thicker jerseys folds you individually. Thinner sweaters you can take advantage of lying on top of each other before you fold. When it, there must be folded, is slightly thicker, there is greater likelihood that you avoid that vehicle curls, because you get a more solid material to fold.
Put the clothes you want to fold on the bed or the dining room table, so you can smooth vehicle for wrinkles before you fold. Fold the sleeves in the shoulders, so they lie down along the side of vehicle. So you folds the lower third of the clothes up and folds the upper third down over it, you have just folded up.

Skirt – Please note a-shape
My skirts that go straight up and down, I carefully lengthwise folds and rolls. Skirt has a-shape, fold the sides in, so the skirt I get shape like a square and fold gently on the same show, as it was a sweater. In this way you avoid that the skirt will be curled on the sides.

Pak as a jigsaw puzzle
When your package must in the trunk, you start by putting the heaviest thing in the trunk in the place that corresponds to the bottom when your suitcase stands up. It will typically be shoes, toiletries and books.
Do you have long things packaged in plastic, so start with putting them in the bottom of the suitcase with the lower hanging over the edge of the trunk. When you have put the rest of your clothes on top of this, you fold the rest of the clothes in the plastic action. In this way you avoid that there will be a sharp fold that gives curls on your bøjletøj.
The rest of your stuff you must now put in the trunk, as if it were a puzzle. The stack of clothes are the pieces that will form a square in the trunk. When you’re done, there must be no air between your stuff. If that is what is pouring things around, when you lift the suitcase, and so you risk to get crumpled clothes, no matter how careful you have been to fold and roll.
Have you chosen a suitcase that is larger than your packing, because you need to buy stuff to take home from your vacation, then fill the blank space as described in the section, choose the right suitcase.

Unpack as soon as possible
Even if you have folded and rolled after all art rules, your clothes do not avoid being squeezed in the trunk. That is why it is best to be packed out as soon as possible, after you have arrived at your hotel.

If your clothes anyway is a distinctive curly

But if you’ve been diligent with your packing should be one of the following tricks to be able to straighten your clothes:

Hang the vehicle next to the shower and take a hot bath. The steam from the shower will straighten your clothes.

Makes a towel wet with very hot water. Wring the towel hard up. Place the clothes to be afkrølles on a flat surface and gently squeeze the warm towel against the vehicle.

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