How to Sleep in a Sleeping Bag

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Even in summer, Iceland is a cold country. On our trip we stayed below zero! It is therefore important to equip. The down must be the material in which you must put the priority compared to the tent, the stove or air mattress. For maximum benefit, it is important to sleep well and rest well. We deliver you our tips for choosing your sleeping bag, sleep well in it and also maintain and store!

1. How to choose a duvet?

Here are 10 criteria to consider in choosing your down:

  • 1. The temperature of use: In recent years duvets manufacturers follow the EN13537 standard for measuring temperatures. This greatly facilitates the comparison. Nevertheless the perception of cold is not the same for everyone. Generally technical duvets indicate temperature 3 (external):
    • comfortable temperature (above this temperature you might get too hot)
    • the comfort temperature limit is the limit temperature at which you can sleep without feeling cold and shivering
    • Extreme temperature is the temperature at which you take a risk of hypothermia.
  • 2. The filling: duvets are either Down ducks or plastic. The first is the best quality. It is warmer, more compressible and lighter. Synthetics are less technical and less hot but less dear!
  • 3. The shape of the bag: the bag must wife your body without you compress. This prevents there being too much air and therefore facilitates the warming of the bag.Therefore preferred a model sarcophagus rectangular model
  • 4. Weight : The first technical duvets (comfort temperature between 0 and 4 ° C) weigh less than a kilo and background about 900grammes! More hot they are heavier they are.
  • 5. The space: The first technical duvets (comfort temperature between 0 and 4 ° C) bottom under 7 liters when compressed! Plus they are hot they are more cumbersome.
  • 6. Price: Consider that the down is an investment and it is THE material that will keep you warm during your nights (do not count on the tent or the mattress). It takes between 150 € and 200 € for a technical down from Iceland for the summer. Those Decathlon are cheaper but you will find they are heavier, bulkier and less comfortable. Even their technical fluff up quickly in price!
  • 7. The mark : one of the most known and we tested is Pyrenex. This is one of the world leaders and is a French brand. There are also other brands that are doing excellent equipment like: Mountain Equipment, The North Face and Vaude.
  • 8. Closing: the closing of the down can be right or left. This serves to match the bags together to make only one. This option is especially for couples.
  • 9. The size: It is important to reduce the amount of air in the bag that is down to your waist.
  • 10. Accessories: carrying case (or compression), storage case and small inside pockets to put the alarm clock, cell or tissue.

How to sleep in his sleeping bag?

The duvets were very comfortable and very warm. It felt better limit in our down comforter in our … for good sleep must follow some rules. The first is to properly insulate the ground with an inflatable mattress (see: our test of Camp mattress). You can also add a tarp between the tent and the ground but this is not necessary if you have mattresses.

Then, contrary to popular belief, you have to sleep less dressed possible. Sleep in shorts and t-shirt.If you are cold in the head, put a cap or hood. If you ever get very cold, there are “meat bags”. These synthetic fiber bags or fleece-saving few degrees. They are very compact general. This allows for more flexibility and adjusted according to the temperature.

Close well to the top closures and remember to put the collar at shoulder to protect you from the cold can go to that side. Also put your head in hood for comfort and limited openings.

Finally, pull out your sleeping bag at least 20 minutes before bedtime for it swells well and resumes its original shape.

3. The storage and maintenance of its down!

Technical duvets must not be stored compressed as this abyss them over time. We must put them in their storage pouch that is usually supplied with. The ideal is to leave them flat on top of a wardrobe.

For maintenance, you should know that down does not wash regularly because it the abyss. We must therefore limit the washing to extend the life of the blanket. Therefore prefer to take a shower in the evening before bedtime rather than in the morning to avoid soiling it! If you can put a cloth on the inside. Fan them before and after each ride! This will prevent the smell permeates the compression sack.

Sometimes you can not help but wash it! To wash it, put it in the machine and choose a delicate program. Also include some tennis balls not as down to cup. Laundry, choose one that may aggressively.

Avoid wringing or so pick a very low mode. Then lay it flat for at least two days to be sure it is dry.Turn it occasionally for the inside to dry well.

WARNING: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations: Pimasleepingbags. We can not be held responsible if you mutilate your sleeping bag.