How to Stop Sweating Between Your Legs

Last summer was something of a revelation for me and my campaign to avoid the sweaty thighs that paste together during summer dress. Something there in the right cases can progress to lose those ugly ugly prickly heat.

Revelation was that several readers wrote that they lubricates their thighs with barrier cream. Into since I had always used it, as my friend and I call hot-thighs-pants. A few thin panties or bike shorts with short legs, which have the effect that the thighs not sticking together when they become warm.

It is an effective solution, but the pants has always given me a sense of practice, when I’ve taken them on, because they remind me that I am thick and therefore cannot just take a summer dress on, without that I need to do anything special in order to avoid the discomfort by warm thighs that seperated.

Experiment that became a hit – also under Southern Sun
Therefore I decided to make an attempt with barrier cream, which for me ended up to be a hit. Yes, I still need to do something extra in the form of my thighs to smear with cream before I walk out the door wearing dress. But I have subsequently pleasure of walking with bare legs without extra pants, there is heat, even though they are made of heat-friendly material. And so enjoy I also no longer need to bother me in relation to whether buskerne is slipped down and thus can be seen at the edge of the.

I was curious as to whether the cream was also effective under more heat than the Danish summer, but it consisted also test at last year’s vacation in Italy, where a time lubrication kept me free of sammenklistrede thighs a whole day.

There is guaranteed many bids on barrier cream. I use this one, which I buy at my local drugstore:

Barrier Cream 150 ml., 119 USD + shipping, Danatekt with

When I had to buy the first time, I could not find it. I found it on the shelves with intimate SOAP and condoms.

Hot-thighs-pants, who also goes by the name God panties
Barrier cream is not the right solution for you, get you here 3 bids on pants that can keep your thighs separated.

With blonde (also available in black) up to size 4XL, 199 DKK + cargo, Venus and Mars

Black, up to XL size 3, ca. 82 USD + shipping, Evans
Here is Evans a little strange with their indication of sizes. Based on the fact that the leading clothing in size 42 to 60, I will with my size 48/50 try a size 2.

With shape-effect (also available in black and grey), up to size XL 119.95 + shipping, Zizzi,

Kristines solution – TALC

About his joy at TALC writes Kristine:
When I in 2009 bought a small can of Johnson’s baby TALC in the United States, it was a turning point. Since then I’ve found my little helper against this summer’s painful heat inner thighs. The cooling TALC removes the moisture that helps to give the wounds and cools the skin down, then it calms down. I always have a bag size with me, because Yes, there must be genpudres a little in the course of a long day. But it makes me feel nothing, because I love the feeling of just thighs against the dress or skirt – it is, after all, summer clothes is all about, in my optics.

In addition, I do not think that the package myself with more layers than the highest necessary on a hot summer day. I feel me simply smothered in ‘ warm thighs-pants ‘. In addition, I think that many models tend to ‘ hold on ‘ the dress so that it ends up crawling upward–not just what I want. That is why TALC my solution. A bonus is that it also can do wonders and in the armpits, under the breasts when the heat really takes hold!

You can buy Johnson’s baby TALC on – 3 x 200 g costs about 50 us $. + shipping

Tips from readers
Spray your thighs with antiperspirant deodorant
Clip a few old nylon stockings of above the knees
Butter thighs with Lube