How to Style a Peplum Top

Since the liberation of my upper arms, I’ve been looking forward to buy a sleeveless bodice. Since I also since time immemorial has dreamed of owning a uppers with peplum, I was not at all in doubt, when I saw this top in H & Ms webshop.

After the peak has arrived, I am not so sure anymore. This despite the fact that it fits perfectly. What size is concerned, I bought a 2XL, which according to målskemaet was the right one for my size 48/50. It was, however, too large. But rather than hassle with returning, I’ve made it into the pages so it probably roughly equivalent to a size less.

Maybe I should have let It worse. For now it’s too late to change, and here I sit and doubt if I ever will be such really glad the damn top.

Peplumtop up to size 4XL, 179 USD + shipping, H & M

Jeans from Zizzi in a older model Sanna.
View current models here

Shoes from Clarks. Find your nearest dealer here

Skirt, up to size 54, ca. 94 USD + shipping, Forever 21 +

Shoes from Geox in the model from a previous season. This model is very similar:
Shoes, size 34.5 – 41, ca. 970 USD, Geox

You need to feel comfortable in your clothes.
As I have written before, so often trades clothes essentially about one thing: That the one who has it on, must feel comfortable in the clothes.

It is precisely here I am challenged. I don’t feel comfortable in the top. I could feel it right away, when I took it on. I chose deliberately not to buy it in black, because I have so much variety in advance. But it turned out to be a know more salmon-colored than pink in real life – I hope it just had the pink color, as it seems to have on the pictures. For the salmon-colored is just not really my color, but I need so much to something other than black in my wardrobe. Then there is also the fact that no matter how smart and chic, I think a peplumtop looks like, so I feel a familiar icon, when I get it on.

I chose to ignore my gut feeling, because I’ve been dreaming of a peplumtop for so long that I just want this purchase should be a success. Not least because, it is very modern with peplum.

Yes, I know it well. If I hadn’t had the top a trip around the sewing machine, so it should just be sent back. But it is too late now, and so I hang on a paragraph peplumtop in the salmon colored. When it now can’t be different, I’ve decided that the next time, I’m going to come on out and have a nice fredagsøl with my husband.

It is such a small a cold contradictory tip No. 3, when I now cannot return top:

I hope until the end, but doubt still strongly on that my new peplumtop will be a hit with reference to tip No. 1 and two. Promises to provide a message when I have tested out the top. After taking the pictures, I have a good feeling that I will be happy to use it for jeans.

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