How to Style Culottes

Some trends must mature before they conquer the fashion world by storm-like Culottes. So far, they have not been able to resist the old-fashioned skinny jeans.

Until now. How you combine the trend part of the season in a stylish way, blogger Lisa Mosh reveals.

Culottes have been accompanying us for several seasons, but this autumn they are experiencing their absolute high season-and I do not want to miss them in the winter too. They are an absolute it-piece and as a fashion blogger, I love to look for new trends and try them out.

But some of you might not know exactly what Culottes are? We also know her under the name Hosenrock. Because they are calf-length trousers with a cut, which by their wide leg look like a skirt. In the 19th century, women were tired of being allowed to put on skirts only and began to wear trousers as an alternative. This is a trend that is currently undergoing a revival.

3 Tips For Styling The It-Pieces:

Tip 1 :
As the leg is wide open, the top should be close to the body-be it a blouse, a shirt or a sweater. A boxy, loose or topcut would only take the form you need to balance.

Tip 2 :
On the other hand, it may be easier to loosen over the blouse. A long coat or cardigan fits perfectly here, but also a large scarf is a great option. Grade in autumn and winter I can not get enough of such accessories.

Tip 3 :
Culottes are the perfect piece of clothing to accentuate a narrow waist.

So I Style The Trend-Piece

For you I have styled the Culotte of Manon Baptiste three times. With the mild November temperatures with up to 15 degrees and bright sunshine, I could leave my lower legs in my styling uninspired and it was not cold. When it gets colder, a tights or even nice boots will help .


In the first pictures you can see the Culotte in a simple everyday look. As you can see, one can also wear flat shoes to Culottes. In this case, I chose trendy sneakers. I am wearing a close-fitting upper part by Manon Baptiste. It emphasizes my waist and gives my figure a beautiful silhouette. The perfect look to go into the city, meet with friends on a coffee and look chic (but not too overdressed).


My second interpretation of the Culotte styling is a trendy cool combination. Again, I wear again flat sneakers (with pink metallic cap) and combine these to a crop sweater as well as a pink jacket. The outfit looks light and playful and it is fun to wear it. Under the sweater I wear a white blouse to pick up the color of the shoes and play with the different lengths.


In my third look, I upgraded the Culotte with high heels. Due to the high shoes and the long cardigan the outfit gets a chic evening touch. Perfect for a dinner with your loved one, a business evening event or a little culture with friends in the theater. Of course you could wear pumps with a smaller heel.