How to Use Bronzing Powder Makeup Tips

Bronzer for valuing the strokes

A good makeup is done by tricks, without it, is nothing more than a face paint. The your use should enhance the features, highlighting what is beautiful by nature and giving a little help on the parts that we think fall short. The bronzing powder or bronzer, it is a great product to perform tricks to make, the main effect is to give an air of beach, in addition to fine tune the face.

The bronzer may appear in both versions of loose powder, as compact. Some have small glares in the composition, which is pretty much on makeup for a summer night, to prefer the day opaque. The golden-colored powder can replace the blush, marking the cheekbones with a darker shade than your skin, unlike roses or corals, we normally use. You can also pass the bronzer and upon passing a light dusting of blush, but choose a tone coral, orange or mauve.

Another way to use the bronzing powder is to contour the face. That’s right, you can use a common beauty brush blush or even contour, which is more pointed, like an arrow. Where: below the bone of the cheekbone; below the Chin and all the neck; in the temples; on the sides of the nose, in case you want to tune it and forehead, next to the root of the hair.

It’s good to associate the use of the Illuminator by using bronzer, so don’t get so heavy face. Use the Illuminator above the bronzer on cheeks (below the eyes) and on the surface of the nose. Be careful not to overdo it.