How to Use Cardigan Without Looking Granny

I’ve been talking about here that cardigan is a kind of grandmother. I take back what I said, or retreat in terms, because the cardigan came back and came back with great force, only the cardigan today is not the same that was used a few years ago. This cardigan came with a vibe of the years 80, that is big, it’s a maxi cardigan, those for you to get lost in it, live in it, camping.
Who lived 80 years remember of jambs and warm clothes. The advantage is that the loose clothes to hide any glimmer, but had the disadvantage of leaving everyone, looking like fat or as a football player. Prepare your heart, because it’s not just the maxi cardigans that are back, but the shoulder pads are already lurking and can be seen in street style, even timidly, but European are already there.
To enter this wave of maxi cardigan you can buy one or steal the wardrobe of her husband, boyfriend, my boyfriend or even your dad. Get inside the men’s cardigan and fold the sleeves: ready for use.
Now a curiosity, because I’ve been asking me: the right’s cardigan or Cardigan? Both. Cardigan is the word in Portuguese and cardigan is in English.
Because you are placing the word in English if you have a term in Portuguese? The problem is the Google rankings. Not many people search for the word Cardigan on Google and, as I want you to come here and read this post, so I chose the word cardigan, because it is easier to find.
But let’s get to the cardigans.

Pink Cardigan with jeans

This look is soft, beautiful and comfortable. Use with accessories beiges or nudes.
If your job allows jeans, so this look is perfect, if not, use a casual friday or leave for the weekend.

Cardigan used one way sexy

The look is minimalist, since the cardigan was thrown over a dress shirt, or slip dress. The cardigan makes it possible for you to enjoy a summer dress, in the fall.
A look like this goes well on a dinner for two.

Total look black with maxi cardigan

If I had to choose a look, I would choose this one. I have a pair like this and it’s time to go back to using.
If you are using a leather pants, careful with the shoes you choose, because a very high heels can turn this look in a look kind of call girl’s lifeguard, as the top already has a certain sensuality due to race with air. But if all you want is to look sexy, so if plays in the Grasshopper and assume the Kardashian that exists in you.

Sexy cool of a maxi cardigan

Before you yell at me and say that I’m putting ridiculously expensive pieces around here, I can explain … I know this cardigan is too expensive, but I have not found a match in the same color in a more friendly price. You can find a cardigan like this in any life Serra Negra for a tenth of the price, but everything indicates it’s a knit cardigan of machine, common good, and not a special piece made of cashmere.
I was in love with this look of Aimee Song. Aimee Song is giving a show of sensuality in this look and shows that there is a line that separates a sensuous woman a call girl’s lifeguard.
Beyond sexy, this look was worked in a palette of colors that few people are able to use with a result as perfect as what Aimee managed.

As the chilly is coming, a cardigan can be a good option, as it is a lighter piece than a coat has more mobility than a blazer and is open in front, unlike a sweater, which enables you take when the day warm up.
I still don’t have a maxi cardigan, I only have the Granny even.
Have you adopted the maxi cardigan for this season?