How to Use Long Dress

The long gown it’s one of the good bets for the 2013 winter fashion. Follow the boho and folk influences can leave your production even more in tune with the latest trends.

But, what suits with long dress? How and who can use it? The following are tips on How to use long dresses.

How to combine long gown

For those seeking a more casual style, you can bet on balls and sneakers to match the long gown when the weather is in favor. In the winter, opt for boots or even a pumps at work. If you are bold and modern, ankle boots are a powerful and at the same time daring option.

The little ones can and should wear long dresses. But always remember to wear something that lengthen the silhouette. Can be one or a shoe heel anabela, preferably following the colors of the dress to make a look more monochromatic, what makes you look taller.

The fatties can also use this wonderful Joker, especially when it comes to party dresses. Choose darker colors and models that mark over the waist and let your tummy and hips without divisions. If it is very fluffy, choose to use a belt or a ribbon under the bust to achieve this effect.

Already the well can abuse the skinny volumes and of overlays to give the impression of having more curves. Large prints are more than released.

If cool, a type of cardigan or a blazer more exact can be great options to accompany your look with long gown.

Here are some looks with long dress for your inspiration: WHOLESALEABLY.COM.