How To Use Overlaps And Ensure A Warm And Stylish Winter | Roberta Weber

The winter comes and the desire is to protect themselves from the cold, but without losing the style? This mission is beyond possible: just appeal to the trick of the overlap. Separated some valuable tips that guarantee interesting and creative looks to tackle the low temperatures without errors:

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Think Of A Harmonic Color Chart

This season, the earthy tones are with everything, it’s worth a bet. Ton sur ton also makes everything more interesting: imagine a look with various shades of gray, topped by a colorful lipstick, lending point of light?

If you feel insecure in time to mix colors, worth betting on discrete tones with a contrasting color. Sober and elegant as the Maroon Burberry:

Or more irreverent as the mustard mixed with jeans, courtesy of Zara:

At the time of the mix, the lighter fabrics and parts will set below. Heavier fabrics and bulky go over.

Play With Lengths And Proportions

Worth a use a longer shirt with shirt open over and a long trench coat by creating three different lines. Another nice idea is to fold the sleeves and leave the below appear. See the number of layers prevents the impression that we’re bigger.

Leave Some Open Parts

The top part, mainly, since it creates depth and avoid the impression that the excessive volume is the silhouette

Not Only Jackets Is Made A Good Overlap

Scarves, blankets and necklaces help on styling and add less volume. Worth betting on necklaces of different lengths and scarves with interesting patterns in looks more neutral. Don’t forget the belts, great allies to define the waist and avoid exaggerated volume.

In Addition To Colors, Mix Textures

Knitting with cotton and denim, metallic with opaque. You can create a look of monochrome overlays just kidding with the finish of each piece.

Winter Is Synonymous With Retire Your Favorite Sleeveless Dress Temporarily?

Not even! Wear it over your favorite shirt, or a Turtleneck Sweater is charming and guarantees a warm.

Want To Dare A Little More And Make A Mix Of Prints On Overlap?

At this time, following the Valley ground rules to mix the same print in different colors or different prints with the same color chart.

Vests Are Gorgeous And Help Increase The Overlap

Who has a more boho style you can try use stuffed with dress and leather jacket. The elongated tailoring, for example, become amazing used with shirt and sweater. How about a printed over a blouse in more discreet? The possibilities are endless!

Try to keep a balance, if you choose by volume and layers at the top, the bottom one should be more dry.

And finally the most important Tip: don’t take fashion too seriously, use your clothes as a form of expression of your personality and most of all, try and enjoy.