How to Use: Peplum Top

The peplum was Júlia’s suggestion on Twitter.You can send suggestions to me ( @xugar ) or to Just Lia ( @justlia ) about what you would like to see here, see?

You all know that fashion always revisits the past. In our case, when we talk about Peplum top from, we can not forget about Dior. In 1947, the label brought to the forefront a line called “Corolle” (crown of petals in French), which consisted of a marked silhouette and bulky skirts that opened like a flower. It was quickly renamed New Look by an American Harper’s Bazaar publisher. At the time, after World War II, the new look proposed by Dior was completely the opposite of the street look – economical and functional.

New Look molded and valued the curves of the female body. It was a reinterpretation of the corsets – so many feminists protested against it. But it did not take him long to get to Paris and the rest of the Western world. Today, the Peplum can be a resumption of this ultra-feminine Dior look.

The peplum is a “babadinho” that begins at the waist and is opening, like a skirt. Do you remember that this modeling is present in the trends of Minas Trend Preview, as I showed here in Just Lia ? Just like the New Look, it accentuates the waist and hips, leaving the body full of curves. In this post, I’ll talk exclusively about the blouses that have this ruffle.The dresses and skirts I will leave for another occasion!

Today, unlike the creation of Dior, the peplum is preferably used with supplements plus sequins. The pencil skirts are the most cherished, just like the tight pants. The blouse style also fits well with shorts and pantaloons (especially if you’re tall). If you want, you can further enhance your waist by putting on a belt – prefer the more delicate ones. They are useful for forming a peplum silhouette in a blouse that does not have!

Choose the model of peplum according to your interests in body silhouette:invest if you want to value your hips, use models with more discreet peplum if the idea still has not won much and go monochromatic looks not cut the silhouette in half – ideal for those who are short (hi, hi, hi!.

The tip is also to give preference to classic accessories:necklaces, earrings, bracelets and smaller belts. You can abuse a little more when the peplum is discreet! Choose a piece of leather for this winter:both the peplum top and the pants that will fit with it!

Where to Buy:in Zara, of course!Whenever we do not usually find this type of trend in a Brazilian store, it is Zara that people use.Haha!I have not seen it in other department stores yet.You already?

1. Peplum Top + Skirt

2. Peplum Top + Short

3. Peplum Top + Pants Jeans

4. Peplum Top + Black Pants

5. Peplum Top + Colored Pants

6. Peplum Top + Printed Pants

7. Famous Peplum Top