How to Use Print Scarf

Scarf-Print Trend

Fashion is always launching new trends and rescuing things that have already been used in other times. Surely you know the famous square scarves, also called “foulards”, characteristic of the brands Versace, Dior and D & G. The prints these handkerchiefs are fashionable again. Learn how to use them in different ways and modern.

Formerly these prints appeared only in the tissues, which were usually used on the neck, as a normal attachment. Now, the prints are present also in other pieces, like the shirts. They are beautiful and very sophisticated, combine with tailoring pants and jeans.

In addition to shirts, the pattern of “foulards” has been used also in shorts, skirts, dresses and even in pants, especially in the pantaloons. The dresses tend to be quite fluid and loose, leaving the visual right charming and elegant, guaranteeing all the emphasis on the pattern.

The wipes are also being used as ornaments to handbags, that’s right, tied up in various ways to loops, primarily. They give a charming and elegant touch to the bags, composing your look, which usually must be basic, not to be exaggerated, because the fashion scarf on the Exchange calls enough attention for men and women.

Handkerchief skirts may be short or long, as much a model as the other are very successful and ensure super modern and unique looks.