How to Use: Waistcoat

One of the earliest winter pieces I bought this year was the vest, it already has a couple of seasons that it pops up, but still my wish had not been so keen. I always liked it and I found an one, but I kept that fear of never using.

But this early year, winter there in the north, I had several beautiful inspirations and died of wanting to buy one. At the first opportunity, like in April, I was already aloka of the waistcoat, the first opportunity already ran to use (and take at the same speed as the climate was not too cold! KKK). Look at him!

I’ve decided to bring you some legal inspirations and ways of using the vest. The coat is also Divo, but I think for our climate, the cool is to buy the vest and go packing as cold, if we are not limited to use it very few times.

Conventional usage, I don’t need to explain too much, right? With shirts, blouses. T-shirts, dress…

We can use on hotter days, mixing fun T-shirts, silk shirts and etc. I don’t think we have any difficulty at this basic level, right? Beautiful and super-current.

The cold caught? Throw a coat over the all right. Especially last winter, many women wore the vest with a belt, making the times a blouse, comfy (like in the photo of the Blaire, middle). No difficulties either, right?

What most enchanted me and motivated to have one in my closet were the thousand overlays that fashionistas invented to versatilizar the wear of the vest. Over the jacket doesn’t seem to make sense, right? Since the goal is to heat up the trunk. Wrong! Leave the look a thousand times more charming, and if you warm up a little bit, we take off your coat and wear the vest! Look how many wonderful inspirations.

The vest worn over the coat/leather jacket is passion, don’t you think? It leaves the look sexy and modern at the same time and still gives an air fashionista to any look. This style I wore last week and loved it! It’s a composition they all need to try.

If you do more the delicate style and the leather jacket with the all right is too much for you, you can choose to use it with a knitting blouse underneath. It warms up, it stays fluffy and continues fashion and current. Olivia Palermo signs down. Rs.

There’s a composition that would never go through my head if it wasn’t for the inspirations that I keep the internet out, wear the vest with a blazer. It’s elegance in person, don’t you think? Because the vest has a chic look and the blazer brings elegance and formality to look. An unusual combination, but surprising for creativity and beauty.

And my favourite combination ever!!: With the denim shirt.

Whether it is open or closed, used alone or with other blouses and coats, inside or outside, it is a beautiful and super fashionista mixture. But that’s why, a little tricky to use, I’m dying to wear it like this. Because they are two trends that I love, the jeans (super high) and the cute vest.

Tell Me if you have something more fashionista and modern than the latest inspiration from the image above? Striped blouse, open shirt jeans and a cute and fluffy vest. A lot of love for that look!

And last but not least, used with tweed cardigan, which leaves the owner of the look ten times more Rycah right?! Rs. The tweed jacket, invention of Coco Chanel, which already has air of thin European has succeeded – who would say – get even more chic. The item that is a classic icon earns modernity and even more glamour used with the vest, did not find?

Olivia Palermo gave a “VRÁ” on our face with that look, right?! haha.

And you girls, you dig the all right? And the inspirations, did you like it? The post has fallen at a good time because we are preparing to travel for a tasty chilly, rather late than never. Winter almost over and I’m talking about hair. Rs.

Oh, and just for the record. By fake, OK?!

A thousand Kisses.