How to Wake without Alarm

More and more people are looking to regulate their sleep to avoid waking up with alarm clock.The device that prevents you from being late to school or work is harmful to your health, interrupting your sleep cycle and creating a sudden change in your brain activity, even causing tachycardia.To be able to wake up without the help of this device, it is essential to adopt some healthy habits so that your body adapts to a natural awakening.

If you are considering leaving the electronics there and having a genuine good day, keep reading this umComo article and find out how to wake without an alarm clock.



Reduce usage gradually

In order not to be late as soon as you start waking without an alarm clock, it is important that you go practicing.

Start by reducing the alarm tone for softer, lower volume sound.The sounds of nature are a good option to wake up calm and relaxed.Once you get used to this new alarm tone, stop using the alarm clock on weekends and holidays.If you are on vacation, this may also be a good opportunity to adjust your sleep to life without an alarm clock.

It is preferable to use an alarm clock instead of the phone.Looking at the cell phone screen before sleeping impairs the quality of your sleep as it delays the release of melanin in your body and this is an essential hormone to regulate your circadian cycles.

If you are a fan of the “Snooze” option, say goodbye to the button.Waking up and going back to sleep breaks up your sleep cycles, decreasing your immunity and causing health problems.


Lie early

Getting to bed early and sleeping the number of hours required is the best trick to wake up without an alarm clock. Ideal sleep is between 7 and 10 hours, varying according to each person.

At an early stage, try lying down around 22 and notice what time your natural awakening is. Do this for as many nights as possible to find a pattern and realize the average length of a night’s sleep. This will help identify the correct time to lie down, which should always be the same, setting your biological clock.


Let the light in

Leaving an open curtain or shade for tomorrow to fill your room with light is a great way to ensure you wake up naturally without the help of the alarm clock. The light sends a good day message to your body, saying it’s time to wake up, get out of bed and start the day.


Invest for breakfast

Another way to wake up more easily without any electronic gadget is to get your body used to a good breakfast.A fiber meal, such as granola, is a good choice to get your digestive system to work.Eating well at this time and during the rest of the day helps to keep you at ease, sleep better and have good sleep habits that allow you to wake up easily.

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Morning physical exercise

A simple exercise such as a walk or a bit of yoga can help wake you up early and activate your metabolism.It is not necessary that this practice be done immediately in the first hour of the morning, but the sooner the better.

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Spending some quiet time in the morning is very important to start the day, even if it is only fifteen minutes.Meditation is a way to get to know yourself better, facilitating the process of recognizing your sleep and helping you wake up without needing an alarm clock.

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Regulate the stress

Emptying your head before bed is essential to getting a good night’s sleep and waking up easily the next morning.If you suffer from stress or anxiety, try to relax by listening to quiet music or by taking a controlled breath and getting a good night’s sleep.

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