How to Wash Heavy Sleeping Bags

I heard sent without problem. Tips for storing sleeping bag: Do not store heard a long time in a closed bag. Keep the down bags in large bags and synthetic in uncompressed bags. Ventilate the bags after each outing. The human body releases at least 300 milliliters of moisture per night. Internal sheet for the sack improved thermal characteristics and keep it from pollution. Never wrap or fold the bag. Just stuffed into the bag. So the filling will hold out a lot more. Wash heard only when really necessary when really dirty, smells or if the filling is lost volume. Laundry – feather bags.

You can wash the bag in two ways: 1. In the washing machine. Select light cycle without spinning at 30 degrees. The capacity of the washer must be at least 7 kg laundry. Beware – most machines have a capacity of up to 4 kg. 2. On hand. Put in a bowl detergent or special cleaning agent.

Fill a bowl with lukewarm water. Soak the sack into the water (the zipper is closed). Then slowly and gently remove the water. So the preparation penetrates into the bag and washed it. After this procedure, drain the water from the pan and start to express water from the sack by squeezing it gently in the direction from feet to head. Put a laundry basket in front of the basin and gently slide the bag in the basket. Then again fill the basin with clean water and repeat rinsing several times until all the detergent wash away from the sack. Hang it horizontally on a large rack for drying laundry. Every 30 minutes, push gently and spread down the clods, which were formed in the pockets of the bag. After 4 hours drying time can break down the clods – patting a hand on them. After two days the bag is almost dry and can it shake. After drying on a rack put the bag in a large tumble dryer (at least 7 kg capacity). Insert the sack a few tennis balls. Make sure the dryer will hot surfaces – it can burn the surface material of the bag. Sleeping bag is completely dry when it does not feel gritty lumps down. The above tips are for winter duvet bags filled with 1 kg down. For summer models with less fluff you can reduce proportionally the drying time. According to Pimasleepingbags, you can use the same ways to clean army sleeping bags.

Laundry – synthetic bags. You can wash the bag by hand or machine. Laundry in the washing machine. The capacity of the washer must be at least 7 kg laundry. Beware – most machines have a capacity of up to 4 kg. Use 1/3 of the normal amount of detergent (mild soap, but in Bulgaria who washable with such a thing?). Do not use fabric softener. You can also use the special detergent to TOKO, see above. All synthetic bags of Ajungilak can be washed in temperatures up to 60 degrees (with the exception of the model Speedlight). Run the rinse at least 5 times. Do not use the centrifuge. Be careful using the dryer – should not be warmer than 40 degrees, there should be no over-heated surfaces. Fill the bag with a few tennis balls before you put it in the dryer. Drying of the sack without dryer takes about 24 hours.