How to Wash My Underwear in the Washing Machine: Tips

Woman’s woman is in love with lingerie. That’s because these two pieces help to increase self-esteem and still give an”up”in the relationship. However, if they are not cared for properly, all the money spent will be wasted. Usually the sets are very delicate, made of thin fabric like silk, tulle and lace. At the time of washing, not just put it all together and put in the machine, the woman should follow the guidelines described on the labels. Learn  How to wash my underwear in the washing machine: tips, Walkthrough.

How to Wash My Underwear in the Washing Machine: Tips

Meet the care in the wash

Wash underwear requires special precautions. The first and most important rule is not to mix whites, with the colorful, not to mention the use of the washing machine is much more restricted. In the case of washing of bras, especially padded cotton models and frame, washing should be done entirely by hand. That’s because the rotation of the drive machine damages the material, in addition to pull the wires and collaborate with the detachment of the rim that can also bring damage to appliance.

The best way to wash the lingeries is by hand, without leaving them to soak or use chemicals. The best options are the coconut SOAP or neutral. However, if the rush of everyday life don’t let the woman has time to devote to underwear, she can invest in protectors that can be used in washing machines. They work as capsules and help protect bunts during washing.

Other lingerie laundering tips

The underwear are very delicate parts and in need of special care. From calculatorinc, separate below some  Tips of how to proceed to wash the lingerie.

  • The temperature of the water must be cold, because the hot temperature wears the material, in particular, the lace and tulle;
  • To clean the rims without damaging them, the woman must use a toothbrush to scrub the place, but without applying too much force;
  • When the part is yellow, you can let it soak in a solution of water and baking soda before washing;
  • The habit of washing your underwear in the bathroom should be avoided, since hot water damages the tissue.

The  women’s lingerie is a very fragile and need special care in your wash. After meeting a few  tips on how to wash your underwear in the washing machine, simply follow them and always have beautiful underwear and stored.