How to Wear a Faux Fur Vest in Winter

The faux fur coat is back on the fashion world! Here are three ideas of looks to succumb to this trend this winter.

The trend of fake fur took off a few years ago, but only the time of a season. It was to better come back strong this winter, my child! E-shops see dozens these soft coats, to the more or less long hair, to the delight of the cold.

However, this garment can be difficult to wear because of his “Teddy bear”. Here are some tips!

  • It will be best to choose short: a long coat faux fur, it’s pretty hard to take, because it can quickly be outdated.
  • For the same reason, the skirts and robes will be rather to avoid with this kind of jacket.
  • With such a piece, as withthe cape, it will be more nice to bring things close down, or skinny, to effect “bag”. This is the rule of balance: a lot of volume at the top = little downstairs (and vice versa).
  • The faux fur coat is rather open, to avoid the side “hair ball”. But hey, if there is wind, if you you quail loaves, won’t get pneumonia in the name of fashion!
  • If you’re afraid that this dud overdressed “mamie”, pick it with a collar: makes it much more modern.

To put these tips into practice, here are three ideas for styles with which you can easily adopt the hairy coat!

With a preppy look

Here we have a classic hairy coat, with a small collar for a modern side. In order to create a preppy look, you just wear it with a pretty blouse, shorts and boots, and voila!

  1. A white coat, to take you for a polar bear, Forever 21 (€46,45)
  2. Golden necklace, for flashy side, Missguided (€15.60)
  3. Black shorts, simple but effective, Forever 21 (€16.45)
  4. A printed blousewith cute little stars, Mango (€24.99)
  5. Blue boots, for a change, Zara (€49.95)

With a modern and comfortable look

For this second look, I chose a coat without collar, history to show that well accessorized, it can perfectly stick with a modern outfit. Coated Leggings, a simple t-shirt and platform sneakers: Here you are warm, and in 2015!

  1. A beige coat, which looks all sweet, MonShowroom (€68)
  2. A necklace silver, for a change of the walleye, Forever 21 (€9)
  3. A pair of sneakersflatforms, always also trends, Sarenza (€80)
  4. A gray t-shirt, comfortable and well-cut, H & M (€24.99)
  5. Coated Leggings, a telling piece! ASOS (€23.99)

With a rock look

The furry jacket can be worn easily with a rock look. And for that, you can very well associate it with this pretty little wine/raspberry, a shirt dress in jeans and biker style boots, and you’re ready to get out my mouth in stylish fashion.

  1. A hairy coat, very friendly, and out of the ordinary! Topshop (€88)
  2. A black purse, practical and indispensable, River Island (€33)
  3. A denim shirt, worn open or tied around the waist, it’s like you want, Zara (€39.95)
  4. A pretty dress, wine, for which I am preparing my blue card, Asos (€36.99)
  5. Black boots, to the very rock spirit, MissGuided (€45,49)