How to Wear a Mesh Sweater

True must have for the winter, under the leadership of Marc Jacobs the mesh provides the essential basic status of our dressing room this season. Whether it’s the turtleneck sweater, vest or XXL Model V-neck, you are told how to wear it.

The sweater knit turtleneck

Whether ribbed and near the body, or XXL version, the turtleneck sweater is enjoying a resurgence of interest from fashionistas. It will accompany and jeans bell bottoms for a seventies look or a flared knee length skirt for a feminine draws. The thing more:  get her hair casually in the collar for a more natural look. The neck sweater knit V.

Less hackneyed than gray sweatshirt mottled, the V-neck sweater wants long this season. But careful not to bring it to rhyme! It calls on a pencil skirt for the masculinizing or sits on a straight silk dress like the Prada show. The thing more: before purchasing, we do not forget to check the depth of the neckline. It has to happen in the chest to be even sexier. The cardigan knit XXL.

This season it diverts long cardigan into a coat. So to speak, it will choose a model XXL, mohair wool, and play a less conventional map by associating it with a maxi dress or skirt slipped into a loose blouse for a hippie style. Even better: the wear unbuttoned before it gets too cold.

Latest Trends of Sweaters

Cable Knit, geometric, way, “cuddly” or hooded messages, those little ups make us the eye. Follow our selection tendency of the 20 most beautiful parts of the season.

The vintage sweater with cables is always a safe bet: we like its mountain spirit and comfort. But no need to wait until the Courchevel to wear, feel free to wear it to the city by associating it with a beautiful pants gray flannel or a skater skirt, you’ll be on top! Click INTERNETAGES for free shipping vintage sweaters.

Grosse trend also, the mesh “blanket” ultra-soft and light: it is perfect for it lover and spend a winter warm. This mesh comes in all forms: geometric or colorful spirit, it covers a wide pants to give it effect more “cool” or more on a dress skirt noon. Give a prominent place in your accessories, chains or necklaces chest cliquants that will raise you a plain sweater! Your turn!
But the undisputed star is still undoubtedly the sweat that we have been collecting for several seasons. Solid color, patterned or messages, please us again and again. We like wear casually with jeans, but also more chic version with a shirt underneath to dress and pencil skirt. So chic and comfort assured! And you, what will be your sweater this winter? Choose from our selection trend from 9, 99 €.

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