How to Wear a Sleeveless Shirt Dress

In the years it has been even more enjoyable to shop the first summer clothes. For after I last year freed my upper arms, I’ve got so much more to choose from. For this season, I don’t automatically skip the sleeveless items over. They are now to me a possible purchase in quite the same way as everything with sleeves.

Final peace with the sore spot
I would like to start by expressing my regret if I in the wake of the liberation of my upper arms stands out a bit sacred. For I know that once you have taken a step in a new direction with success, so it is easy to forget everything that was previously difficult. But it is my hope that my liberated the upper arms can inspire others to put over his arms free, or make peace with it, that is their sore spot.

Therefore makes it me also both proud and humbled that I continuously have gotten e-mails from readers who write that they have freed their upper arms and to fill up has new to mark summer wind on the bare arms.

And you go and call into question your body so read on here – for is your body really – Yes damn it da!

You can help to inspire others
Have you freed your upper arms, and you will be helping to inspire others to do the same? So I have on Instagram introduced hash taken #befrioverarmene that you can tag your sleeveless images with.

Are you not on Instagram, can you send me your sleeveless picture on So I collect images to a small article later this summer.

Here is my sleeveless buy striped top, in size 3XL on the Web shop, in more sizes in the physical stores, 129 kr + evt. cargo, H & M +

Lace, up to size 52/54, 259.95 DKK, Juna rose

This dress has got many fine comments along the way, thanks for that. It is unfortunately sold out, but here is a link to a similar dress, currently on sale-I’m considering even to buy this.
Dress, back in size XL, 2XL and 3XL, Bon’a Parte 179.97 DKK,

I am size 48/50. The striped top I bought in size XL, lace top in size L and the dress in size 2XL.

The sore spot – the upper arms are set free

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