How to Wear Chinos Mens

Oh no, we could not pass next to an article about Chino. Pants must menswear, it’s simple, it goes with everything and all the time. We could even have ended there almost.

The chino is a cotton canvas trousers much lighter than jeans, although models thick canvas also exist. It has many advantages: it is light, flexible, ultra-comfortable and, if he is well cut, extremely elegant.

In short, an alternative more than correct the jeans that keeps a manly look, without evacuate sweat enough to fill an aquarium.

Advice on quality, how to wear and what brands to turn, we will try to answer all these questions on the magic pants (yes really, magic) from Asia.

The history of chino: lightweight trousers became a symbol of the preppy movement

Like denim, chino arises from a practical need. Invented in the mid-nineteenth century, it has its origins in India. The reason ? Provide a garment adapted to the local climate, for soldiers of the British colonial troops.

British soldiers while stationed in Punjab1, Are not accustomed to high temperatures. The chino is much lighter than jeans or wool trousers : it is made of cotton twill and, originally, always light in color.

It is also called as “khaki” ( “dust” in Punjabi) due to its sandy color. Being originally a military garment, it is a piece that wants durable and strong, in addition to being comfortable.

This pant was then taken over by American GIs during World War II. It has even become the holding of the typical American heroes that we saw all over the media of the time.

He was then quickly taken up by students of the “Ivy League”, becoming the quintessential symbol of the preppy style. It is so radically opposed to jeans which itself returns a much more “tough guy” image reserved rockers, thugs, in short, to all New cowboys.

In the 1980s, these pants began to be worn by all. This is the sign Levi Strauss & Co., which popularized creating the Docker’s brand specializing in Chino . Docker’s going to know a real success to be exported to Central America, Asia and Europe.

If the brand has diversified and now has extended its product range, it remains known for its flagship model what Alpha Khaki. A tapered cut trousers (slim fit a calf but wider at the thighs).

How to choose a chino quality and size?

Today, the chino has truly become a basic essential of menswear, as elaineqho says. It’s a very versatile piecethat you can wear in the office or at the beach. There are lightweight cotton canvas models to wear the summer, others with much thicker fabrics for other seasons2.

In short, this is really a room where we can afford to invest!

How to recognize a quality chino?

To judge the quality of a chino, here are some things to consider when shopping:

  • First, it must be composed of natural fibers, 100% cotton3. To be sure, look at the inner label;
  • Then the pocket bags must be thick, it will prevent you from losing your keys stupidly because of hole;
  • There must breakpoints on the edge of the pockets (equivalent to the rivets on jeans);
  • Prefer the buttons made of natural materials (horn, wood, etc);
  • And finally, a quality zip.

How to choose the size of chino?

As for jeans, chinos will tend to relax slightly after the first wash. Select it, then a little tight at first, especially in terms of size (careful, you still need to breathe).

1: The belt should follow the lines of your body, without yawning.

2: The buttocks should be maintained, the material does not sag.

3: It should not be any excess material at the crotch.

4: The cut should be adjusted without much mold you.

5: The pants must come break on the shoe by a single fold.

If the pants are too long, do not worry! You can either do a reverse rolled like you see a lot, or do resume at a finisher (hem is an inexpensive touch, count for just under 10 euros ).

How to wear chinos man?

It has been said, the chino is extremely versatile, maybe even the one piece that goes with everything! Another positive: this is a pant that is widely declined in many colors. You’ll understand the possibilities are endless …

Come on, because we’re nice, it still gives you some ideas of outfits that work well with chinos and in different styles! ?

Man Looks Ideas well built with a chino

With this many choices, it is easy to fall into the color-block. First, I would like to say “beware! . ” Start with simple colors like navy blue or beige , the colors that you can easily associate.

Secondly, I would like to say “Do not hold back! “. The chino is an easy and safe way to introduce color into your wardrobe. Dare electric blue, sky blue, red, green, white … Think however to create a balance by having a basic high.

Question style, chino belongs to none and all at once! It’s the cut, the color, but also and especially with what you wear will determine the DNA of your outfit. For its versatility, even a chino can be worn casually dressed as.

In a formal dress, chino can wear mismatched manner . However, the color of the pants and the jacket should not be too close, this will cause a false low-end suit effect.

But it can also be worn with the matching blazer4. In this case, the blazer will be of the same material and the same color as the pants.

You can choose unusual colors like sea green for summer or burgundy for winter, but be careful not to overdo it on the accessories and to wear more sober tones on other parts (gray, blue , beige, white …).

Again, the chino is a great alternative to jeans for the summer because much lighter. But there are others designed in thicker webs, which can be put down once the mercury. We told you, nothing can stop the Chino! ?

It is also one of the key pieces of workwear style: wearing a shirt with plaid flannel, thick chunky knit sweater, raw materials and warm colors, but especially the must leather boots.

Alexander, our chief collection is a big fan of street wear… and chinos! This door every day, in all seasons and in all colors! Proof that Chino has successfully established itself in all styles and is no longer reserved for students of the Ivy League.

Our selection of best brands of chino

  • GAP: a good choice of entry, the matter does not move and the cuts are quite successful.
  • LePantalon: pleasant to wear chinos and a wide choice of colors at the round price of 73 euros. One of the best value for money in the entry.
  • Balibaris: the prices are a little higher (100 euros chino), but the cuts are good and the material is 100% cotton.
  • Carhartt: solid pants, well made, and colors that hold well. Please note, materials are not always 100% natural and some thick fabrics are for the winter.
  • Dockers: a very good benchmark for chinos, their big plus is the wide variety of cuts and sizes they offer. Still around 100 euros.
  • Homecore: a brand that offers good chinos a little over 100 euros. After, with the diversity of supply on the market, there are even better value for money elsewhere.
  • Filippa K / Norse Projects / NN07: between 100 and 200 euros, these brands offer chinos sober but sophisticated design, with finishes always realized.
  • APC: always between 100 and 200 euros, you will find well-cut chinos, made in beautiful materials.
  • Bernard Zins: we enter the top of the top level Chino! Pants both techniques (UV, breathable, antibacterial, etc.) and elegant. Between 200 and 300 euros.
  • Incotex: surely the best brand for upscale chinos right now!

What you Must Remember

In summary, the chino is a very versatile piece that will suit all styles , from preppy tostreetwear , and all seasons according to the weight of the fabric, more or less thick.

It is a play on which you can dare the color so get kinky! But remember that to begin, blue and beige are two essential that go with EVERYTHING.

Finally, you want a dressy or casual, one chino be fine in both cases. It is high time to invest in a beautiful piece that you do not leave!