How to Wear Classic Clothes

The blazers, little black dresses and other pleated pants are not always easy to wear outside of formal occasions. Juliet is here to help you turn away them!

Many people have a very “classic” room, bought in a very chic interview hiring, an audition for a school, a wedding or even an evening in their closet.

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Generally, what kind of clothes are expensive but are not often worn then, which is a shame! They are sometimes seen as too conventional for clothing, or not easy to associate with a casual styles.

Calm down: If you just recently bought a little black dress for a big family reunion or a cocktail at the Ambassador (through the resale of one of your kidneys), know you can endorse in the life of every day by choosing with what wear, to her a little wild!

I therefore created you a selection shopping around three classical pieces, the pleated pants, the blazer, and the little black dress, that goes to show you that these clothes can easily be diverted and brought in every day life.

The pleated pants worn in a preppy/retro style

Here, the pleated pants, chic and classic (also called “pants suit”), will be worn to match a look quite cool and casual with a retro touch.

Simply do not wear pants with heels, but flat, and associate it with a loose t-shirt everything there is more simple and casual. Add to that a color jacket and a bag XXL, and here! You have the perfect outfit for a day of classes, a job , with a pleated pants that goes completely unnoticed.

  1. Jacket raspberry color right, to brighten the outfit, Asos (€59,72)
  2. A black belt, pretty and practical, New Look (€6.99)
  3. Of black derbies, perfect for a touch of rock, River Island (€40)
  4. A pleated pants, classic and chic, Zara (€39.95)
  5. A white t-shirt, simple but effective, Zara (€16.95)
  6. A large shopping bag, Forever 21 (€25)

With a blazer casual

The blazer, it’s a piece that almost everyone has in his closet. Best friend of interviews of hiring and other auditions for schools or defenses of graduates, it is really a must of the closet ‘serious ‘!

To amortize its investment and wear it even when we don’t work to Defense, simply, once again, to know with what to wear.

Here, I you so composed quite casual of the briefs: a printed sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers may very well be friends with your blazer (which I suggest, in general, be open, especially with this kind of look) – proof in pictures!

  1. A black blazer, classic piece by excellence, Zalando (€90)
  2. Jeans, a basic dressing, Asos (€42,65)
  3. A white Sweatshirt, for a bit of freshness, New Look (€22,99)
  4. White sneakers, for comfort, Zalando (€60)
  5. A tote-bag Hogwarts, to show everyone where you study, Human ($ 25 is about € 20)

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The little black dress, rock version

Aaaah, the little black dress, clothing cult if there is… Designated as the staple of the wardrobe by excellence, she is one of the more likely parts interview hiring, then to work if the company has a pretty strict dress code.

Yes but this is: once out of work, or the maintenance finished, what we do, little black dress? Wait for the next party where you have to dress chic? Only nay, my friend!

The little black dress, diverted her to wear every day, with a rock look very nice and easy to compose.

  1. The little black dress: more classic than that, there’s no, Naf – Naf (€55)
  2. A clear denim shirt, it will be nice to wear tied around the waist if it’s hot, Topshop (€42)
  3. A collar anchor, to show your side old sea Wolf, Accessorize (€8.90)
  4. An Aviator jacket, to play at bottom side rock (my face), Pull & Bear (€69.99)
  5. A black tote bagto hold all your shit, Pimkie (€13,79 instead of €22,99)
  6. A pair of Burgundy boots, trendy, Jennyfer (€29.99)