How to Wear Faux Fur Coat

For many years ago, I inherited from my mother a West of Wolf fur. It has been used extensively over the summer jackets, when summer weather goes on return. It is also in use over winter coat to keep me warm on the whole extra cold winter days.

When I take it on, my husband refers to me as the fur ball. Correctly guessed. The rich West, which, moreover, has fit like a square, do not do the best for my figure.

This year I’m trying with this here:

West, up to size L, 599.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

West in faux fur does not have quite as much fullness. And so have the bit length that creates the illusion of a vertical line on my body, which makes me appear taller. On the way, I am not quite as spherical, as in my old


With tie-strings

Narrow stripes, up to size 58, ca. 580 USD + shipping, Joanna Hope with Simply Be

Gray, up to size XXL, 559.95 DKK, Juna rose

Wide stripes, up to size 54/56, 860.90 + shipping, Replace with



Gray, up to size 54, ca. 705 USD + shipping, Elvi

Light, up to size 56, ca. 625 kr, ASOS Curve

Rosa, up to size 60 , ca. 780 USD + shipping, Simply Be

Black Short, up to size 56, ca. 306 USD + shipping, New Look

Striped, up to size 48/50, ca. 705 USD + shipping, Marks and Spencer

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