How to Wear Floral Print Dresses

Flowers is one of the season’s big trends. And it is a trend that attracts attention. For it does print in General, and since the flowers often come in colorful colors, which also attracts attention, is that double up on “watch me.”

It has not, however, prevented me to go all in on flowers and buy matching top and bottom.

With the bodice to the outside of the pants, flowing along my body, because there is not a clear definition between the upper and lower body. And although matching clothing helps to give the illusion that you are seeing higher out, looks like I still a square box in this set, where the upper and lower part is not just the same color in two shades but in identical print.

It goes immediately into the right direction with the upper part down in the pants. That I get tagged my waistline gives a little shape to my body, but there is still no clear indication of the transition between the upper and lower body. Therefore floats my body together, and it’s like on my head disappears, because anything below my neck runs with attention.

Once again it is my good old friend the black wide belt that makes all the difference. Belt highlights the seriousness of my waist and breaks the flower in bloom-the look by marking the transition between the upper and lower body. And then it’s really no more just to look like a floral box.

The last look is worth considering for those who truly want a jumpsuit but no orcs the idea of going to the toilet in such a.

Upper, up to size 54/56 299.95 + shipping, Zizzi,

Bottom, up to size 54/56, 399.95 $. + shipping, Zizzi

Missing you a belt, then look here: Three wide tracks and link to plus-belts