How to Wear High Waist Belts

If you’ve been following along on Curves Ahead from the beginning, you already know that I am very happy for the belt at the waist, since it highlights my forms rather than hide my whole body, and then you can scroll further down on the page directly and begin to shop belts.

Are you a new reader, you get here the explanation of why the strap and the selection of the waist is an attractive alternative to hide your body under loose-fitting clothes.

Why does the belt a difference
Are you tired of your thick body, you may have a tendency to hide it under loose blouses and dresses with a loose cut. Yes, you hide your body, but to hide the body actually has the opposite effect than the one that you want. For the solving of parts makes you look bigger than you really are.

For when you hide the whole body, you also hides the location on the body where you are at its narrowest. But if you instead of hiding it all emphasizes the narrowest place on your body, you’ll instead of to seem larger sight less, just because you with belt accentuates and underlines that also your body forms while the is great.

Wide belts
A wide belt is really good to mark the waist. Strap width not just marks but also shows your waist, because it does not drown in the vehicle’s wrinkles


Narrow belts, animal print, up to size 60/62, approx. 90 DKK + shipping, Simply Be

Pink/pink, up to size 54/56, approx. 70 USD + shipping, Yours

Black with bling, up to size XL, 199 DKK + shipping, Violeta




Black, up to size 54/56 , ca. 80 us $. + shipping, Yours

Brown, up to size 54/56, 104.16 DKK, ASOS Curve

Dark Brown, up to size 52, 199 DKK + shipping, Violeta

You have the Mango city difficulty finding belts that can reach around the stomach …
I hear often that many are finding it hard to find plus-belts. So if the above doesn’t fall into your taste you can find many more belts here:


Belts with ASOS with Violeta by Mango


Belts at the New premises of Yours Look

Belts at Evans