How to Wear leather Clothes

The “Sweden”, or “Buck”, is a very popular material, especially in leather goods. But this derivative of more finely processed leather (which gives him this singular aspect) is back on the front of the stage, on the occasion of the return of the 1970s in fashion trends!

The Suede, which is actually the kits (so made of synthetic material), is actually quite easy to carry: the only thing to take into account, that is the temperature, because it’s rather hot seat. Then, simply take the style that you want to accessorize everything at your leisure. But in case you’re stuck for inspiration, I made you three looks to adopt cleaner now!

The dress worn suede rock version

For this first look a bit rock’ don’t roll, I offer you to adopt this matter with a nice dress shirt, found on Forever 21. Combining it with a jacket denim and black accessories, you’re sure to have everything good, both in the alliance of the colors and style!

  1. A shirt dress in suede, both elegant and cool, Forever 21 (€32)
  2. A denim jacket, a staple of all mid-season!H & M (€29.99)
  3. A black hat, a flagship of the fall/winter accessory, New Look (€17.99)
  4. Low boots, sober and pretty, Zara (€59.95)
  5. A black tote bag, to put a lot of stuff in it, Etam (€39.99)
  6. A cute necklace, which will be perfectly placed under the collar of the dress, Boohoo (€12)

A long coat in suede with a 70s look

For a 1970s look extremely trend this season, I’ll this long suede coat, which will give you a breakneck speed as soon as you enfileras it!

Then you can complete your outfit by combining it with a simple pair of jeans, a comfortable gown and boots both cool and comfortable. With this set that is both pretty and very fashionable, you can strut by showing your sense of style to the astonished eyes of the passant•e•s.

  1. A coat style trench coat, to have the class, Missguided (€63)
  2. A white blouse, with a side hipster trendy, Mango (€35.99)
  3. Jeans, both cool and comfortable, New Look (€29.99)
  4. Round glasses, to prepare for the beautiful Sun of winter, NastyGal (€35,40)
  5. Boots, simple but very nice, André (€89)
  6. A bag vintage style, for a touch of elegance to your outfit, Zara (€49.95)

An urban outfit, highlighted by a Suede skirt

The trapeze to buttons skirt is a must-have garment this season, especially because what she reminds a lot those found in the 1970s. If you choose, in Sweden (matter, not the country, for those from the bottom not following), you sure hit the nail on the head!

But as you is not obliged to wear with a retro look, I’m offering here to wear it with a cool, urban look by associating it with a t-shirt with the message, a parka, a CAP and sneakers, to combine comfort and style in no time.

  1. A flowing skirt, which nicely follows your movement, Asos (€27.99)
  2. A simple t-shirt, and with a cool message, Rad (€19.90)
  3. A wine parka, to change a bit the persimmon and Blue Navy, Forever 21 (€23.45)
  4. A cap of the same color, with a cute Pompom, River Island (€17)
  5. A necklace with a small cactus, reminding you of the holidays, Bird On The Wire (€15)
  6. A pair of white sneakers, now timeless, Sarenza (€89)

While again the suede…

Finally, I picked you some extra items to adopt as soon as possible the Suede (if you want to, of course), it is made of real or imitation leather!

  1. A long coat, where you can walk around naked If the mood takes you to slum it your record, Asos (€103,99)
  2. A perfecto in cleaner, easier to wear than the long coats, Jennyfer (€49.99)
  3. A skirt with button, another piece of the season, New Look (€22,99)
  4. Suede shorts, simple and cool, Fashion Pills (19.90 euros instead of 28 euros)