How to Wear Leggings with Summer Dresses

We have recently been asked a few times, though we could not write “something” about leggings. We can well, since we know that leggings are a piece of very popular clothing also among plus-ladies.

To leggings have become so popular is to understand. They are comfortable to wear, and then you can just add a sweater. As a starting point it is a subdivision that don’t require as much. But if you’re going to take you out from your best side, there are just a few things you can choose to pay attention to.

Here I am pulled in an entirely classical combination. Leggings that stops in the middle of the calf and upper, which hides the entire body according to Homethodology.

I shoot myself that I in this outfit looks at least ten kilos thicker than I really is. There are two reasons. My leggings cut my lower leg exactly there, where they are the widest. At the same time hide bodice my whole upper body instead of highlighting my forms.

Here you get me in different combination of leggings and uppers. Here is my bid, I see at least five kilos less than I really is.

You may have already figured out, what is the essential difference between the first and the second picture. On image two goes my leggings right down in the ankle, which is the narrowest place on my leg. At the same time I mark with a belt my waist, so I highlight the narrowest place on my upper body.

Please note that the tight leggings get your upper body to appear larger, especially if the bodice is large and loose. Therefore, you may want to use an upper, where you can mark your waist with a belt