How to Wear Long Cardigans

One of the winter and the autumn-winter 2016 peak season the sweetest, warmest, most attractive, and even of the simplest garments have a long cardigan. Everything else good, it is also one of the trendiest winter products. In fact, I embraced it as part of the dress code, that even a little bit of hope that the summer would be too hot …

Cuddly cardigan is the easiest to combine well with other vintage clothing. Shirt can be looser want to, as long as the feet of the line is with a loose-fitting cardigan or even tight. While being in the house long cardigan warms and is a nice piece of clothing with trousers I found, always remember to dress competent to rule for long and flattering lines creation. Sitting with your pants are, therefore, absolutely thick and long cardigan for the best combination.

Long cardigan covers the hips, and can thus contribute slims carrier trap – keep in mind, however, that too “bag-like” dressing does not put anyone, but will be looking to enlarge its support sirostakin. High-quality long cardigan suits many different situation, as long as you take care not to make yourself a shapeless knitted. Also, interest-bearing shoes you will always be created in longer lines, but in the case of Finnish winter to be seated rather take care of creating the trousers line.

The thinner yarn or wool jacket is well suited for festive attire, for example, this cardigan Frank Lymanilta. In winter, it always warms more short; and shaped bolero jackets not the trendiest choice anyway in this peak season – long cardigans are rolling over. Thin and with a long wool coat, you can very well combine a variety of dresses and skirts. Although the dress always muistuttelenkin a variety of surfaces and styles of small breach, can long, temperature and thick cardigan with a thin dress in the winter to be too demanding combination of the wearer.

The Weather Warms Select a Jacket-Like Long Cardigan

Spring is going all the time, and the prediction loop of this long cardigan boom to continue well into the summer. It is already mentioned for thin cardigans are a great extra’s wardrobe. Sure, it will bring before the spring season, when the jacket may not need but without all is not well could be. This is a good looking and functional solution to a long jacket-like cardigan. If this is still quite a new belt, it may be even a complete shopping. Belt, you can create an illusion of waist or accentuate their uumaasi, so large wool coats are often brought on by the formlessness is not a problem.