How to Wear Short Shorts

Summer is over, but in some regions of Brazil it is still very hot. Nothing is better than short shorts to go through a hot day without suffering, is not it? Shorts are also super suitable to go to a beach, take a walk outdoors, or shopping, to play sports or even for a ballad.

This piece is not very suitable for more serious occasions and places such as work environment, weddings, galas, etc.

The short shorts also fall better in younger women, but if you are safe with your body and know you’re with legs day, you can use without fear.

Incidentally, this is also an interesting point to mention, to wear short shorts you have to be with the beautiful legs, they cannot have spots, varicose veins, cellulite, scars or any of these so visible defects.

If this is not the case, opt for a longer piece, which covers these little problems rather than aggravates them and draws more attention to them.


From LocalBusinessExplorer, unless you’re going to the beach, also avoid wearing short shorts with short blouses or necklines. If possible use less glued shorts. These details are important to maintain the beauty of the look without making it ordinary.

The butt should also not appear, the shortest of the shorts should be the front. The sides may also rise slightly as the short hot pants.

It is also very common to see short shorts with pockets out. In addition to being cute, it makes the shorts slightly bigger and is suitable for the most skinny as it gives a greater volume to the thighs.

Those who have more topping butt should give preference to shorts with large pockets behind and preferably that these pockets are well separated. Already skinny can use smaller pockets or other details like beads, fringes, frayed, sparkles, all to give more volume to the region.


Not only women who joined the fashion of short shorts, men are also parading around showing little thigh. The shorts have been replaced by shorts above mid-thigh, and of course women love it.

But you think this business of being ordinary is only for women? No … not the guys who decide to wear short shorts should be careful not to show too much too.

The ideal is to combine the piece with a button-down shirt or t-shirt showing just a little chest. Unless the look is either for the beach or club, of course.

The men also need to be with pernocas days, those who go to the gym just working out the arm, it is better not go near with the shorts, as well as those who only take sun boxer shorts and are left with the bronze knee down.

This piece has been fashionable, but is not as democratic as well. Make a mirror evaluation before going around with short shorts.

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