How to Wear Sports Leggings

Aaaah… the leggings… Not always easy to wear this garment in style! Too late for pants. Too thick to be a sticky. The legging is nevertheless a part of the basic wardrobe: this piece is simply indispensable in the wardrobe of any fashionista. But how to wear leggings? Which high, what shoes?

Here are some tips that will help you to wear sports leggings dressed or casual, but always with class. You will discover in this article outfits ideas, illustrated by photos: ideal for creating you cool looks!

You also discover what your senior wear with sport leggings. Finally, I will give you all the tips to choose the  shoes to wear with leggings. After reading this article, wear leggings will have no secret for you.

What is a legging?

But first … You know exactly what leggings? A legging is a cotton or leather tights without feet, usually black, long and opaque. The legging  is doing in a solid color: black or mottled gray, for example. The printed leggings is also nice, but more difficult to wear.

Leggings puts the legs of the one that carries value. Your legs are not all thin? So what? Contrary to popular belief, the leggings  also goes to curvy women! The secret to wearing leggings when one is round ? Choose the right shoes and the right accessories. We return to this point a little later in this article.

Did you know that in the late 80s and early 90s, the legging was very fashionable. It was called “underpants”. At that time, the leggings are wearing very colorful (floral patterns encountered a great success) and filled with patterns and prints. After disappearing female dressing rooms for a few years, the leggings made his comeback in the custody feminine dresses . Fortunately, today,  the leggings  did door over the same manner as in the 90s.

How is the sports leggings?

Today, the sport legging is worn with loose parts. Some examples:

  • wide sailor
  • Robe pull
  • Cardigan oversize
  • Denim Shirt falling under the buttocks

No way to wear leggings with short pieces! A legging with a short top, it’s ugly and vulgar.  Guard it rather look for days when you’re going to do sports with leggings. So how to wear leggings ? To be elegant and air time, the legging is imperative door with clothes too short for dresses, too long to be jumpers.

When you wear leggings, so think at all costs thinking counterbalance the ultra tight side of the legging by associating outfits and much larger clothes. If you are honest although this rule, you should not commetre any fashion faux pas.

Another key rule: the leggings must imperatively get below the calf! It is strictly forbidden to wear leggings arriving just below the knees. Bad taste guaranteed!

What high wear with leggings?

Which senior is doing the leggings? We have just seen:  the leggings can be worn with large, wispy tops:

  • Un t-shirt loose
  • A chunky knit cardigan
  • A tunic
  • A denim shirt is happening under the buttocks
  • A lumberjack shirt
  • A white shirt boyfriend style
  • A large pull happens below the buttocks

When wearing leggings?

The leggings can be worn in many circumstances: to go to work, on weekends, on holidays, for sports … With a legging, you can create dress or casual wear. Everything will depend on how you associate clothing.

For a casual look, wear your leggings with sneakers, a denim shirt, a parka and a hat.For a more chic look, partners with your leggings pumps, fluid tunic, a big bib necklace and a nice leather bag. Do not forget to tie your hair in a bun blur!

The legging can be worn year round. A little trick super convenient: in winter, add tights under your leggings: in this way, get a little warmer!

How to wear black leggings? 5 ideas for outfits

Here are 5 outfits that will inspire you looks to wear black leggings so trend, not committing any error of taste.

First idea of ​​holding: combines your leggings with a plaid shirt lumberjack (chooses a shirt with red and black tiles), Chelsea camel boots, sunglasses and a t-shirt loose white. For a truly successful look, choose a camel cape. It will recall the color of your shoes!

Here’s another idea outfit. Wear your leggings with a denim shirt arriving under the buttocks, riding boots in brown leather and a white scarf tube. Under your boots, do not forget to wear big winter socks!

Third idea of ​​clothes to wear with leggings: a parka, a loose white shirt, a colorful scarf and white Converse.

For a look a little more stylish, door, with your leggings, wedges sneakers. Add it for a fluid bluise, a nice necklace and a bucket bag to store all your stuff.

And like last held, why not wear your leggings with a sleeveless denim jacket? For a fully successful look and streetwear, wear sneakers!

Who can wear the leggings?

Everybody. And yes girls, it’s not because we have some curves that can not afford to wear the leggings. Wondering how to wear leggings when one is round? Choose leggings and opaque black color. If you are around, avoid light colors that will not put your legs in value. Carries a long tunic and above all, do not wear ballet flats or flat shoes.