How to Wear the Jacket

Ah … the jacket! A topic you have asked me by email, in your posts and comments … a topic I can not push even if I’d never bring up the subject of the jacket I’ll be direct, there are more stylish and feminine in terms of coats that jacket. But to your heart, I understood, because you have the distinct impression not to leave your cozy duvet so when it is very cold outside. There are some style tips to choose his jacket and wear well, you know all about the famous jacket after reading this article!

1) The boundaries of the jacket

I’ll be honest, I have not seen one in my life jacket carried well. No more ! So yes I know it is ideal because it keeps you warm. But have you ever considered other techniques to keep warm? Yes, yes I will try to convince you not to wear jackets in the first place!

I suggest you read my article 5 tips to dress when it’s cold. I addressed one of my favorite tricks when temperatures are negative: the superposition of coats. And yes! You can wear two coats to keep you warm. I tested this method and even under minus 15 degrees I was not cold. Wear a coat near the body and add a coat over boyfriend. Of course, it is necessary that the colors go well together and coat the bottom is invisible when the top coat is closed. For that prefer a top coat with high collar (they also hold much warmer).

Note that this mantle below can also be a down jacket! People come, people come!Very fine Ultra Light jackets down to Uniqlo are for me one of the best solutions.Provided they do not wear the single coat, except to go to the sport or be comfortable on the plane! So wear this jacket very fine and warm beneath your city coat. If you do not know what to choose coat , I encourage you to read my article about it.

As usual, the Japanese brand Uniqlo specializes in smart fabric technology, ideal for chilly. I do not spend the winter without my Heat Tech, I also speak of these smart pullovers in my article How to dress when it’s cold . The Ultra Light Down jacket comes in several shapes and colors. The Japanese are pros in the field of printed matter, why not choose a jacket like this, more fun than the classic colors to bring some subtle details to your outfit? Especially as if in mid-season the day softened, this jacket is very small and fits in your bag. A real smart clothing!

You can also opt for a basic color in shades of your coat. This is ideal for a camel coat for example.

2) Choose the right jacket

Let’s talk about serious things. The jacket being what it is, the only way to choose the good and well coordinated in the city and every day and very strict.

Here is a guide to not go wrong in buying this dangerous piece:

  • Never choose black jacket: and yes, that’s the easy way often but now it does not pass! And that makes trash bag and more. We opted for a nice simple color: navy blue, khaki, the camel, gray, burgundy …
  • Never choose jacket adjusted too much or too little: there is downright vulgar. We chose it for its size.
  • Never choose jacket with shiny effect. No, no and no !We opt for a matt effect that will bring a chic jacket if the “sportswear”.
  • Do not choose too long jackets

Also be careful with the overall look of the jacket you choose: is she standing? Is it too soft? Is the material rather beautiful? Is there no small foams trying to escape while you’re not spent in cash? A piece like this chooses quality!

Here are the recipe for a nice jacket. It must be:

  • On a pretty basic color:Avoid loud colors.
  • With beautiful details and finishes:beautiful snaps, hood adorned with faux fur etc ..
  • With a nice liningcontrasting or tone on tone
  • Harmonious at the cut:two choices are available: fitted with a belt or straight cut.
  • The length is not too short or too long:below the hip bone to the mid thigh and shortest for the longest.

3) While wearing his jacket

Let’s be clear, the jacket is not worn with heels. It is not sexy, and that’s all then adopt a look in line. I will introduce more style ideas that can take during the day. The only instruction: Avoid the nightlife, the jacket goes to bed early!

Sports jacket

Available on MensJacketsStore, the sports jacket is doing very well if you go to the gym. With sneakers, leggings and a basic sweatshirt.

The jacket and the basic

Of course, the jacket is also doing very well with your basic favorites: a nice plain jeans, a chambray blouse, a cashmere sweater, fine necklace and a pair of moccasins to break the sport side and dress a little.

The jacket and dress

Why not dare jacket with a dress? In order not to overdress the dress and give it a casual style, opt for a sweater worn over it. Remember, this is one of my favorite tips to wear your summer clothes winter . Wear flat shoes: moccasins, brogues or low boots and maybe a pair of beautiful platform shoes. Avoid waders or too elaborate shoes that do not lend themselves at all to the jacket.

Finally, a note on the originality! The jacket is not very sexy, will be understood. So why make it as boring? Playing on the printed side and second degree is one of the essential keys to stylish jacket. Opt for an ultra modern cut for example. A cut “creator” and original will help you stand out.

A beautiful print will also be a small effect. As explained in my article How to wear print, walk to the heart for not to bore you. You must fall in love with the printed!

Do you have a jacket? How do you wear? Leave me your comments below the article!