How to Wear Wrap Dress

Timeless and ultra-feminine, it also suits all body types. On the door like winter and accessorize according to current trends. Manual.

How to Wear Wrap Dress

Easy to put on, like a shirt, it closes on itself through a belt integrated fabric in the dress, which is tied at the waist, forming a knot. It is low-cut V-waisted and flares. Even if the size of fluctuation, it follows us in crossing or uncrossing at will.

His story
At first, in the 30 active women who need a practical garment, comfortable and feminine seize it.
Elsa Schiaparelli was the first designer to showcase its collections.
A few decades later, in the early 70s, the Belgian-American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg enjoyed phenomenal success in New York by delivering up to date. His genius idea: use of soft jersey, wrinkle resistant, available in colorful and cheerful prints, perfectly in tune with the times. Since then, the “wrap dress” has continued to seduce us and established itself in our wardrobes.

Its strengths
-The wrap dress showcases all silhouettes.
-His belt branded waistband and at the same time to cover the belly and play variations.
-His line flared at the bottom hides the hips and blurs curves.
-His fluid and open effect on the legs and elongates the silhouette remains sexy.
-Its V neckline emphasizes your bust and softens square shoulders. Vive femininity.

Our advice morpho
If you have small tits, opt for a push up bra with padded cups and accessorize with a bib necklace. By cons, if you have a generous bust , choose a combination with lace details for a lingerie effect “over-under” very trendy this season. In winter, the turtleneck under-sweater is perfect for this type of dress, and brings a chic Seventies.

Our ideas style
Dare patterns and colors. If you are round, opt for sexy summer dress with plain print, but feel free to wear colorful accessories to update your look
small and petite, geometric or exotic patterns are XXL perfect to get noticed!
Finally for a silhouette at the top, of wedge sandals or high boots, and dress your portfolio will wreak havoc!