HP Pro X 2 612 G1 Test: Very Good Business Laptop

The detachable HP Pro X 2 612 G1 is a very well-equipped business notebook and tablet. How to work well, our test reveals.

HP Pro X 2 612 G1 Test: Very Good Business Laptop


The HP Pro X 2 612 G1 can separate the display from the keyboard and use the device as a tablet. As detachable laptop, the HP Pro consists of two parts X 2 612 G1: the Tablet and the keyboard Assembly. According to Smartercomputing.org, they reach a thickness of 25 mm. Both parts a fairly solid mechanics holds together, separates them, but just right at your fingertips. The good one kilogram heavy and stable part of the keyboard offers a full keyboard with back light, splash water protection and touch pad. Its remote buttons are too soft. In addition, two USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit LAN and depending on a SD card reader, VGA, Display Port and headphone output are incorporated.

Only when you cut off the part of the Tablet, the other interfaces are to the fore. An additional USB 3.0 interface, an audio port, a MicroSD Kartenleser and the SIM Kartens lot for the built-in LTE module are located on the lower side. Wi-Fi-ac and Blue tooth are available as more radio links. A 2 – and a 5-megapixel camera including Flash and a microphone array with noise suppression function are also provided. We find: pretty much for such a compact notebook. As usual, you operate the 12.5-inch bright display (full-HD) with your fingers or the precise Wacom pen, is in a small tube of tablets.

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HP whose back cover rubberized so the 985 grams heavy Tablet not so easily slip from the hands – a pretty good idea. To plug an Intel Core i5-4202Y (max. 2,0 GHz), 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD. The performance of this trio is easily sufficient to work quickly with current Office and browser applications. The 4.121 points in the test with the PC Mark 7 confirm this to us.

The fast SanDisk SSD (448 MB / s reading) contributes a significant portion to this good result. Because Intel has trimmed less performance than on power saving the core i5-4202Y. The values in the graphics and CPU test are therefore only at a satisfactory level: 3.305 points in the 3D Mark Cloud Gate and CPU 1.86 points in the Cinebench R11. 5. The HP detachable is Yes but not to play, but to work.

HP Pro X 2 612 G1 Test Very Good Business Laptop 2

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The benchmarks the operating noise of the Pro noticed 2 612 G1 X. The small noisy fan endeavoured constantly, while quietly but for this to blow the produced heat out of the housing. That HPs Pro X is suitable well for working 2 612 G1, showed itself also in the run-time test. The business detachable last remarkable six hours in the PC Mark 8 demanding battery test.

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4202Y
  • RAM/graphics: 8 GB / Intel HD 4200
  • HDD/SSD:-/ 256 GB
  • Display: 12.5 inch IPS Panel (full HD)
  • Weight: 317 x 25 x 239 mm / 1.95 kg


HP Pro X 2 612 G1 Test Very Good Business Laptop 3

HP wants to make it 2 right X all Pro. Thanks to great facilities, long-running and successful performing almost perfectly. The weight and the volume drop, however, a little.


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