HTC 7 Pro Europe Road, in January?

HTC It has taken just as seriously Windows Phone 7 as he did in his time with Android, proof of this is the preparation of five terminals for the new Microsoft platform. One of them, the HTC 7 Pro, stood outside the exit to the European market.

By its QWERTY keyboard and possible business-oriented turned out a decision somewhat strange, and indeed in the survey we did about interest on different phones, woke up enough interest, being the second most voted terminal. Inform that the terminal could appear in January is for many interesting news.

We anticipate it in October, but the phone already has your 3 G/GSM version list to operate in Europe, in fact is the model which you can see in the image that introduces the news. It will represent a competent successor to the successful HTC Touch Pro 2 It appeared on the market in 2009 with Windows Mobile.

Among the virtues which we have had opportunity to meet, by the media who have had contact, is your physical keyboard of five rows, with remarkable design and functionality, that surely will be the taste of those who were waiting for a Windows Phone 7 handset which premiered the second “chassis”.

Some interesting specifications of the device are its screen 3.6 inch capacitive, a processor at 1 GHz, WiFi connectivity, 5 megapixel camera (records HD video), and 8GB of internal memory.

It is expected that the HTC 7 Pro is presented month coming in Europe (also in the United States), we have no information about prices and related operators, but we will be very attentive to the information that will appear.