HTC Gratia, Are Delayed?

Update: HTC Spain I confirm, as some pointed out in the comments, that in our market is available with The Phone House.

At this point in the month were hoping that the HTC Gratia had come on the market, at least officially, since the European version of the HTC Aria It is possible to find it in some European stores at a price lower than 400 euros.

In its European presentation was informed that November was the month of the market, but as we can see the month has ended and there are no signs of life on the website of Spanish HTC, or operators who offer it.

Fortunately with respect to the American model, the Gratia will come with Froyo (Android 2.2), and if the logic does not fail me, access to new services. The truth is that it seems a terminal quite interesting dimensions and possibilities, and I suspect that some will be waiting, why I decided to inform about your possible restraso.

Reviewing some European media, which also were waiting for November, I see that they are with the same question, and in the United Kingdom even targeting that will go to Christmas. In a similar case, but with more attractions we run the HTC Desire HD, which I am having a touchdown, but that Vodafone It doesn’t report its actual output to the market, which may be in this week.

Logically have also contacted with HTC during the morning, but still have not had a reply, when I have new information, update the news.