HTC HD7 Images Real, Happens to Be Called HTC HD3?

Has not taken or a half-day to filter the actual appearance of the HTC HD7 Since we saw their appearance of schematic form. We also see in his rear area will be the name of the device HTC HD3, Although it is possible to have a different name depending on the market.

Regardless of how you want to call it, it shows that Windows Phone 7 It is close to and have to go by heating the atmosphere. The images are quality and allow us to see clearly what we consider the release of the HTC HD2, and looks pretty good.

As the recent HTC Evo 4G, has a practical folding support to let the foot phone, It is located in the place of the camera and the flash, it does not mean that serve as protective cover.

In regard to specifications, not be has told nothing new that we can not guess the minimum specifications requiring Microsoft so you run your OS: spoken chipset 1 GHz, at least 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, GPS, etc. That Yes, the phone is designed to operate on European networks.

Knowing how these leaks, we hope a video of his appearance and performance in successive days, but above all that we begin to confirm technical specifications.

Update: I include a table with the complete technical specifications, which correspond to the data were filtered in yesterday. Interesting to confirm screen 4.3 inches, and very similar to the HTC HD2 dimensions.