HTC Is a Competitor to The Samsung Epic 4 G, First Preparing Images

Or in summer rest these Taiwanese of HTC, just filter out images of a new Android handset with the particularity to have with sliding physical keyboard and 4 inch screen.

It is hard not to think of the Samsung Epic 4 G which is about to exit the U.S. market, since it shares its main features, press a large crowd who likes to have a hybrid method of control and data input. But not just there matches.

Leaving aside what we see, we reported that possibly Debuts LTE connectivity where the operator Verizon, in the same way that Sprint chose the Samsung model is working a few weeks ago. We can see it compared with a HTC EVO 4 G:

Interesting to remark that it is not a phone exclusively for the American market, since in addition to the support for CDMA networks, it also engages to GSM networks.

The physical keyboard is of four rows and somewhat peculiar for its design of small and separate keys, We must also take into account that there is far more space in 4 inches to have a keyboard than we are accustomed to see.

Entering rumor mill already placed new processor at 1.2 GHz Qualcomm, and logically Android 2.2 as minimum, but releases already the third version of the operating system from Google. At the back we see has been used a cover of metallic material that presumably will give the feeling of quality phone:

It is expected to appear on the market in early 2011. What do you think?…