HTC Tube, Add DLNA Support to Your TV

Following in the footsteps of Samsung, we know that HTC is betting on include DLNA support in its new terminals, we remind you that it facilitates the wireless transmission of content with other devices in the House, such as the TV.

The problem we find when that TV is not supported, there are different options, but HTC has decided to create its own peripherals to enable the wireless connection on TV, now is known as HTC Tube and will be released this fall.

It is necessary to have the TV input HDMi, It is the form of physical connection that has the HTC Tube. The Taiwanese company emphasizes relate device with the new Sense interface/services, but we assume that it will work with any Android that has DLNA support.

HTC unfaithful to Qualcomm?

A curious detail of the device is that we know the hardware you are using, not be something important to their operation, but if it is something unusual in HTC. We refer to the use of a Texas Instruments OMAP 3630 chipset 1 GHz HTC tube, bearing in mind that historically they work with Qualcomm. Motorola being the main partner of TI.

A signal that HTC will use components from other manufacturers?, as we do not know, but it would be interesting to see an NVIDIA Tegra 2 as that will use LG on their Smartphones, in a development of HTC.