Hooray: my new jumpsuit is a hit!

as I type this, I am wearing my new jumpsuit. I have also with a broad smile on your face. Because when I looked myself in the mirror wearing a trouser suit for the first time I exclaimed wauw, while I looked approvingly at my mirror image.

I have long had a look at the different trouser suits. But I have never exceeded the purchase, when I at one time or another, have decided that the jumpsuits would be uklædelige for my plus-body. Something with that … Yes, I actually do not know what. But I had just decided that it was not something for me, although I have seen plenty of ladies who look extremely good in the jumpsuit – even the ones in size plus.

Why I ended up so putting this jumpsuit in the virtual shopping cart and swing the dankort? I did, while I wrote this article:
Camilla’s revelation: Jersey vs. solid material was for both and (opens in new window)

The Act briefly, that I have been very excited about jersey skirts, even though I’m at a time in my life had decided that it was not something for me. In other words, I was pleasantly surprised by the jersey skirt after such came in my direction by chance. Thus, it is the story of that man may well be pleasantly surprised by the garments which we would otherwise have depreciated. It was in this context, I got to thinking that it essentially was something nonsense that not only has at least tried a jumpsuit … and then I bought very spontaneously this here:

Jumpsuit, up to size 56, ca. 270 USD, Inspire New Look at ASOS
I have bought a trouser suit in size 22, which corresponds to a Danish size 50. I’m usually size 48/50.

so here I sit and

are unbeatably glad that my purchase of a jumpsuit ended up being a positive surprise. I have no sense at odds, and therefore not about 50 percent to purely mathematically is worth taking a chance on. But since I am one who believes that the glass is half full, so I think anyway that fifty/fifty is something I dare to take a chance on with the hope that the trial falls positively out.

This is not the story that all garments, and that we should all be excited about anything when it comes to clothes. But it is hopefully inspiration to yet to try it, as we have written off without doing the experiment. And no, it’s not all my attempts have ended in a positive way. In my closet is the finest jeans with boot-cut. I’ve always sworn to skinny jeans, although I well know that jeans with boot-cut, is the type of jeans that creates balance in my overall appearance. When I take them on, I can see what it is, they can be compared to my body shape. But they do just nothing good for me mentally, and that is why they are still virtually unused in the closet. But hey … I tried then.

right here and now I have not any new projects as such, I’m going to throw me out in testing. It would just be a blazer. This is something I also decided not works for me. But now I see the part to Kristine who swear to the Blazers, and I can easily see what it is such a


so it is hereby ordered: a blazer will be top on the list of clothes, I should look for on sale. For I might end up being positively surprised once again …

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