Improve Your Wake up with the Android Alarm Clock

Google’s decision to remove some of its core applications from within Android has borne fruit and allowed very interesting developments.

An example of one of these applications is the Android’s own clock, which contains several functions, including the alarm clock.There is now in this alarm clock an interesting novelty and that will improve your start of day.

By removing these apps, which in most cases are “stuck” inside the operating system, Google can dedicate itself to them and create new versions or improve features they like without having to wait for operating system updates.

And as we all know that Android updates can take a lot of brands, users get more freedom and more frequent updates.

The Android clock now has a very interesting new feature in the alarm clock, which is sure to make it easier for your users to wake up.It is simple, easy to set up and does not require user intervention to be used.

In a discreet way, Google started to let the ringtone ring gradually, increasing the volume as the user wakes up.

Activate the gradual increase of the alarm volume

Then start by launching the Clock application and choosing the Alarm clock tab.There you will see your alarms and the possibility of creating new alarms.

What we want is to access the settings and to do this, open the menu to which the 3 points gives access.There you can find the Settings option.

Within the settings, you should now look for the Increase the volume gradually option, which should be set to Off.

In the window that opens they can set the time they want to use for volume increase. In practice this means that with each defined seconds period the sound will play a little louder.

Many will say that this new is something that many other similar applications have made available for a long time and that is not a novelty.

But the truth is that for many users this is the alarm clock they use every day, because it is what Google created and maintains.

Now waking will be much smoother, more gradual and much more enjoyable.What this alarm clock does not guarantee is that this wake up you have rested and prepared for another day of work!