In App Tip: Traffic Live Package for the Iphone

True surplus value, no subscription trap…
If you are traveling a lot with the car, then the traffic jam is an evil, which you always meet again. Of course, you can also go earlier, but you always go into a traffic jam or a construction site from which you do not really know how long the delay is, how much time you lose. What good is it to me if the traffic jam is reported with 10 km, but the avoidance route over the country road is 16 km long? Do I drive now better through the traffic jam or over the slow and laborious road to drive? This decision can not really take the radio from me really, here it is purely according to the motto: Avoid traffic and drive around, but do not drive right through the traffic jam.
Also in Navis I can not really get this information TMC and TMC Pro are not helpful in such a situation, especially since the traffic jams are already resolved when they are reported. That is why I switch off the TMC or TMC-Pro message in all cases when I am traveling with a mobile navi or a fixed installation. Too often and too many bad experiences. With services likeTomTom Live , however, I already have some good experience. I now use such a live service also with the free of charge for Telekom customers NAVIGON select app for the iPhone via ElectronicsEncyclopedia. In contrast to the pure navigation app, this function is not free. But first of all, back to the explanation.

Live services explained
For the hardworking readers, who do not know the principle of live services, enclosed a brief demolition of the matter. In the case of live services, data from mobile subscribers are collected anonymously and evaluated. The mobile service provider knows every position of the active SIM card sufficiently precisely in its network, moves the SIM card, if it is located in a location, it is traveling straight over the motorway or is in the traffic jam – thus anonymous movement data are collected.

If a certain amount of SIM cards are at a certain point slow or not at all, and if this location is a street, it can be assumed that the congested traffic or traffic jam prevails. These collected data are forwarded to a navigation provider, who in turn evaluates these data further and enriches them with further information – for example, whether frequent traffic jams prevail at this location or whether a construction site has been reported. At the same time, it is determined how long the traffic jam is, how fast the traffic is moving, and how many minutes the traffic jam has passed. This information is then made available to the navigation device via mobile radio and the driver is informed, for example, that the traffic jam is better to travel, because the surrounding escape routes are slower and also full. This is then used to calculate the arrival time and the driver can predict with a high probability when he is at the place of arrival.

NAVIGON Traffic LIVE package
The NAVIGON select Telekom Edition offers a number of additional packages, which can considerably expand the scope of functions by means of an in-app purchase. The Traffic LIVE package is currently available for 19.99 euros. Once unlocked, the collected statues are incorporated into the route guidance and displayed. There are also no additional subscription costs for the service, it is only a one-off payment of just 20 euros.

The handling of NAVIGON Live for the iPhone is very good, as I live in a region of very high interest, I have daily benefits through the knowledge-when is where traffic jam and how long I need. This makes me more relaxed and easy to get there, because I am sure that the service and the navigation device will find the best way for me. Of course it is at first unusual to leave the navigation device blindly, but in the end I always arrive on time where I want to go. I have not been able to detect any deficiencies on the system. If the service was still complaining about the lack of reliability, and the data is labeled as lucrative, I can not understand this at the moment (fortunately) and can therefore only recommend the service to everyone.