Industrial DÉCor Style

Just a quick glance at the latest decorating magazines to realize a trend that grows more and more. The industrial style, which was restricted to lofts or male environments, now redesigned in, say, over a girl. The brick walls and pipes on display are still there, but what has changed are the Add-ons — to offset this more “rough”, it’s worth doing a high low with objects, very very delicate fabrics and details. Is industrial, pero sin loses her tenderness.

The urban footprint is one of the charms of this style — can repair in São Paulo this type of décor is much stronger than in other cities. But if you like this aesthetic and want to apply it at home, you can follow two paths: do architectural interventions or invest in furniture and accessories they’re hot.

Stir in the structure of the House or apartment is just for those who are willing to face a retirement. Until there finishes that simulate the brick, or paints that mimic the effect of concrete, but either way you would need to hire skilled labor and endure a few days of dust and dirt. But when it comes to lighting, industrial way solutions end up saving time, because the electrician does not need to hide each conduit in the wall or ceiling, so that already greatly facilitates the work for him.

Now if the idea is to adhere to the style ALREADY, it is best to resort to furniture and fabrics, with the “spending time” you know?  Vintage leather chairs are a great example, but also use a metal chest, an armoire that mimics those of locker room, a lamp enferrujadinha … Nowadays even has carpet that comes factory faded!

But don’t forget:Add sugary elements in the mix to balance it all!