Inspiration: Party Makeup

How about the opportunity to make a special make-up in this holiday season? Try something different than usual: naracadas and shadows with glitter, gold and bronze tones, lips in shades of red fruits or a look of cat are some of the suggestions. Learn some tips to shine at a dinner party, cocktail party or get-together.

  1. Red Lips
    Red is the color of Christmas, but also of passion and sensuality. How about highlight your lips with a tone more alive? Apply clear and luminous shadows in the eyelids. So, it’s going to be with a more natural, but chic and sophisticated. Don’t forget to outline the lips with a pencil, then applying the lipstick with a brush itself, in order to achieve greater precision according to beautygenerate.
  2. Cat’s eye
    Bet a smokey eye to create an effect of “cat’s eye” (cat eye). The darker shadows give more depth to the look, and esbatê them to create a blur effect. But avoid the darker shades if you have tendency to wrinkles, as these will accentuate this problem. Use a natural tone to the lips, so as not to overload the face with a lot of makeup.
  3. Bronze and gold Tones
    Invest in shades of gold and bronze tones for a more festive look. The Orange tones highlight the blue eyes and Brown, while the shadows with its nacreous colors give an extra glow to your face. A trick to increase the size of the eyes is to use a white pencil or beige in water line (inside the eye).
  4. Colored Shadows
    Don’t be afraid to use color shades, such as azul-pavão or dark blue, a makeup party. In addition, this tom Brown eyes and green values, enhancing your color.
  5. Sparkles and Eyeliner
    Use and abuse of sparkles in this festive season. The lipsticks gloss increases lip volume, so you can apply only on the inside (half) if these are too stubby. In the case of the eyes, the shadows with its nacreous colors are particularly suitable for the night. But avoid shadows with glitter if you have sagging eyelids or very protruding. The eyeliner is also a good choice for a makeup with a vintage touch, or was not the cat’s eye (cat eye) a classic of fans of the years 60, inspired by Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Loren.
  6. Shades of red fruits
    In winter, the shades of plum, bordeaux and cherry are a dominant note. Consider using a lipstick in these shades, kill or brilliant, it will contrast with the paleness of the skin, and give you a more glamorous. Don’t forget to outline the lips with a pencil, filling them later with the lipstick. However, if you have very thin lips avoid the darker shades.

What is the makeup of your election?