Intelligent Design Watches – Tips, How Does It Work?

Smart design clocks are increasingly gaining popularity in the public. The biggest difference of these Smart Watches over a normal clock is in your ability to connect with your Smartphone, operating as an extension of the same or even adding new abilities to your cell phone. But the question many users ask is, what exactly you can do with these watches intelligent design? In the Android tips bring you a tutorial on how to use this clock, which features and which model is right for your Smartphone.

Intelligent Design Watches - Tips, How Does It Work?

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Compatibility of intelligent design watches

An important tip for you who want to buy a smart watch, don’t buy have the notion of what your purpose and whether it is compatible with your device. There are some high-tech watches that run up as normal phones, but these devices are more expensive and are less common than the other. There are 3 types of intelligent design watch, among them are the ones that are compatible only with Android, others just with the iOS and also have models that are programmed to be compatible with both. The first step is you know which Smartphone you will use the watch before you make the purchase, so that you don’t spend money stupidly. If you have a device that has a different operating system, choose to buy a watch compatible with both.

E-ink screen or color?

Good to imagine that when the screen is black and white the battery of your watch is longer, as is the reverse, the colorful screens last less. The batteries of clocks revolve around the 5 days and may last longer if the screen is with e-ink. Depending on to which you will use the smart watch, as for pictures, videos, audio, etc. you should opt for color screen, even when it’s to view notifications, messages etc. you should opt for choosing models with e-ink.

Special features of smart watches

The famous fitness bracelets, which are specialized to monitor the practice of sports, have won a direct competitor with the arrival of these watches. Some good parts of the smart watch offer the user heart monitoring, pedometer, distance counter, shows how you managed to burn fat among other purposes.

In addition, some devices even offer integrated GPS, but by activating this function, the battery life will decrease. Some also offer the option of making voice calls.

Most modern models may include the possibility of voice search and voice transcription of text, causing facilitates your further life time to answer email and SMS, some allowing even doing research on the internet. You can also find smart watches that have built-in cameras.


Although these watches are new on the market, there are devices that offer a few hundred applications, but certainly this list will increase, and in the coming months. So the ease of access to your applications have to get your your Pocket Smartphone.